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We spoke wit Mr. GodSent Polk, who has one of the strongest grinds out. From Music, Modeling, Plays, Books, Comedy to Movies and more, he touches it all. So, we dug more into his current mind state and some of the things he has done. I'm sure we missed some things because it's only natural, with so many things he has done. We mostly stuck with the plays and movies, so our readers can find some things to watch that they maybe didn't know about. "So, I started out modeling for: Walk Fashion Show in Detroit. I've been blessed to have done a large number of modeling shows but the one that really put me on, was the Walk Fashion Show, which led me into doing plays and acting. My first play was called "Sin City" in Detroit, where I was a Vietnam Vet by the name of "Leroy". I don't know if it was recorded or not, but it was a really good play. My second play, was as a bartender, that was also in Detroit. I was an extra in that. It had to be like 2014. Then there was "Broken Covenant". In the play, I was "Jackson Thomas" and that was written by Martell Taylor. You can find that on YouTube. "Dope House" was a play, I was in that. It was written by Lorenzo Pearson and my name in that play was "The King". I'm for sure that wasn't recorded.

A true story play that I've played, was as the father of a young man that passed away in Saginaw. The play was called, "life story of Daniel Smothers" and I believe that was written by his sister, Shivetta Smothers. I believe that was in 2019. Also, a play that was written by Mr. Larry Marshall Jr. The play was called, "Is not what you want but what you need". I was a lawyer in that play and that was done in Pontiac. I don't

believe that was recorded either. Also, a play by Don Bivins that was called, "Where is God when it hurts". That was also in 2019 and I believe you can catch that on YouTube. From my place that led me off into movies, which the first movie I was rolled in, was with Real Style Acting company. I was an extra in "Detroit 187" series, "hung series" and I was also in a tornado movie that was shot here in Pontiac, about 5 years or so back. I can't remember the name of it, but I was an extra in that as well.

"Broken Covenant" the movie, I played "Terry" the best friend. You can find that on t u b i. "Always Consequences", I was the coach on there. You can also find that on t u b i. "Predators" is a movie that I enjoyed because I was a detective. You can also find that on t u b i. "Sons of a Preacher", I am "Minister Spade". You can also find that on t u b i. "Who's your baby daddy", I am Leon in that. That is actually not out yet. "The Big Split", I play a role as king that also is not out yet and "In a Split Second", that is also not out yet and "Beverly Hills Cop 4", I actually was standing in for Eddie Murphy

and that is not out yet. You can find my music "Mr Godsent" on all music Outlets. My book is doing pretty well on Amazon and it is called "Nisaty Neighborhood". Also, I have a few other books, that's going to be coming out really soon, so keep an eye out for those. They are really an eye jerker. And "Uncle Yodi", who is a comedy character of mine, that is actually going to do a lot of touring this year. I did a few last year and it went awesomely well, so this year we are going to let Uncle Yodi out the bag. If you're looking for any of my projects, you can look me up on YouTube @ Mr Godsent. Thank you for the opportunity, have a blessed day.

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