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"I made the beat. Then I recorded it, mixed and mastered it. I Took the picture for the artwork. Then, I taught my girl how to hold my phone with a stabilizer on the parts, that I couldn't shoot myself.  We then drove all around Grand Rapids to the places I use to walk to when I was homeless and shot the footage. I had some practice editing using apps on my phone because I had been doing it for songs. So I was able to hide the cheaper looking parts with effects.  That pyramid is real too." - Tom Megvle

The Artist known as 2-G, has the wordplay and lyricism to rival any artist. Painting pictures with a wide array of words and with this video, he provides a visual that matches. 

Oyt Coopo gives a different perspective then the usual braggodicious videos that flood the Hip Hop world. In his words "The video I made was just me, channeling my frustrations visually of lacc of money and depression I was going through at the time.  I had festivision studios get every shot of my emotions, so the people can feel what I'm going thru even a lil more."

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