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Glasses Malone drops a different perspective for his latest single and video, of the Unsolved Murder of                         Tupac Shakur  

By Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Hip Hop has long provided gritty perspectives of the streets, thru music as well as other means.  Sometimes stories or views that we all don't agree on.  But with each story or view, there is usually lessons provided.  In most cases, that lesson is lost in translation. 

As a noted 2Pac Shakur fan, I've seen many  lessons lost upon many, who may have only noticed Tupac's braggadocios side.  But his life may as well have been a movie, of many stories with twists and turns, highs and lows, that many at the time watched unfold.  That story continues 'til this day and beyond, even as Pac in the human form left this Earth,his family, the Hip Hop Community, and fans to mourn but not his music.


23 years ago, on the afternoon of September 13, 1996, Shakur died from internal bleeding.  He was pronounced dead at 4:03 p.m.  The shooting occurred on Sept. 7th.  Leaving many of his fans, asking why and many crying for many years to come.  Movies to Docu-series have been made, from the police perspective and investigators to Biggie Smalls.  But it's hard to remember if any

stories were told from the accused, of the day in question.


That day is where the next story, 23 years later is revisited by Artist Glasses Malone.  Most likely, the 1st time that day was painted in a different perspective. A perspective that Glasses Malone put in this song snd video, of the accused shooter, Orlando Anderson.  The video has a similar feel production wise, to Joyner Lucas' "Ross Capicchioni".  Which was told from both perspectives. One from the shooter and the other from the survivor, in one song. 

Glasses Malone takes you back to the lead up, before the two meet up in Vegas for the Mike Tyson fight, and then closes his verse with "..this gang bangin' shit is so costly".  It leaves the watcher of the video, no answers but gives another perspective.  The perspective of the accused, and deceased Orlando Anderson, who was killed on May 29, 1998. Glasses provided the cycle that took a Legend from the Hip Hop Community in TuPac Shakur, and a Young Man in Orlando Anderson, that many of us have witnessed way too often. But that lesson may be lost in translation.

You can watch the video for yourself below. 


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