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Ice Cube, Snoop, E-40 and Too Short comprise the Super Group called Mount Westmore

Thawed Media

The West Coast has had its share of Groups/Super Groups and has left its mark on the Hip Hop Culture to last forever. Yet now 4 Hip Hop Icons colab and bring together "Mount Westmore. 4 Artist that, individually, have amassed a huge following as well as drop hits for decades as well as maintained relevancy thru each decade since they hit the scene. As well as were part of a few huge groups as well, from Dogg Pound with Snoop, E-40 with the Click to Ice Cube with NWA!! The 4 have been and continue to be trendsetters, individually as well as when the form a Hip Hop team.

With their busy schedules as all 4 continue and as Ice Cube has the BIG 3, and it has been officially certified as "The First Black Owned Sports league", and with Snoop taking over Death Row Records, the mere fact that they can do this together as Mount Westmore is excellence. Ice Cube is also touring and will hit Boosier City, Louisiana on Dec. 2nd, along with Cypress Hill, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and Too Short. The grind does not stop!!

Mount Westmore will be dropping their newest single "Too Big" on all platforms, October 21st and they also announced via Instagram that their Album: "Snoop, Cube, 40, SHORT" will "hit the streets on December 9th."

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