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InDepth wit

Suzie Soprano

By Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson
Published March 9, 2021 

InDepth wit   


UPDATE: Shi Wade featuring Mo3 has been released on Oct. 29, 2021.  On Worldstar with well over 400 thousand views on Worldstar alone, in the first few hours. and thousands of views on many other social platforms. 


Check out and read on SIRE!! See some of his recent videos and where to follow him. 

Shi Wade's newest and highly anticipated video was set to drop tonight, and fans were ready but will have to wait just a little bit longer.  Possibly 2 weeks longer.  This was also the night that THE Notorious B.I.G died.  March 9th.  As Hip Hop fans mourn, as well as celebrate the life of B.I.G.,  M03's untimely death still remains fresh in our minds.  Before his death, Mo3 connected with an up and coming Artist named, Shi Wade.  And it's not hard to see what he saw in her, unless you don't know music.  Shi Wade stands strong on the mic with one of the most talented Artist, this generation has seen.  Maybe ever.  Shi Wade told us that her dad discovered she could sing at the age of 6.  Along with her 4 sisters, they formed a group called "Tru Sista Act" and its been on ever since.  It's in her blood and she has the work ethic to capitalize on the gifts she was born with.  "Hurtin" is a melodic song that will catch your ears, from the first words to the last words.  

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And if you think Mo3 didn't know what he was doing, check out Shi Wade's song featuring MBK Homie, "Know about it".  It had over 25 thousand views on Youtube but on social media sites like Facebook to Instagram, it's closer to or even more then 1 million views.  Shi Wade is very versatile, as she can tough it out with MC's like MBK Big Homie on "My Tears" and "Know About It" or deliver pure R&B like "Have I Ever", which deserves more plays.  It's only the beginning for Shi Wade, even as she has been around and doing music almost her entire life.  Show after show, city after city, she hasn't slowed down or let the pandemic deter her from her goals.  Determined and dedicated, with a talent to match,  Its just the beginning and Shi Wade...IS COMING!!!    Follow Shi Wade by clicking on the icons below or go to Apple Music by clicking here.

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