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Da Rhythm n Blues Equals

Anthony Q

Da Singer


Thawed Media

Is RnB struggling? It would be hard to say, "No!" Even for the biggest of RnB supporters. Yet, many may just see, that it's not the same as the 90's. Yet, that doesn't mean the talent isn't out there. There are many who will or can, carry the torch for RnB into the foreseeable future. And one such Artist, is "Da Singer"!! Anthony Q!! As many

continue to search for more RnB with "Soul" or meaning and that they can relate to, they seem to stumble upon a fresh voice with a smooth delivery and a whole lot of relatable lyrics. From the struggles, to begging for money, or people looking for Marriage. Anthony Q touches many subjects within his music. " has a major impact on my life. I realized it was for me around 15yrs old. It's always had a positive impact on my life. I get to make a difference through it and tell a real story, you know what I mean. Be different from the normal and impact the youth in a positive way. I try to use music as a way to guide and steer away from negativity but more into progression." You can sense that Anthony Q is not just singing because it can make him popular. He comes across, as a Natural. "Around 9 years old, I started singing in church." So, Music and Anthony Q have been inseparable ever since. Many listeners are getting a chance to witness that talent and for many, they got their first listen on Tik Tok from one of his many viral videos. Snippets, that made curious listeners go and listen to more. As one of his

Tik Tok videos amassed over 1 million views, many that were posted by other supportive listeners, may not all be documented, to know exactly how many have listened to Anthony Q's music. #NoHandOuts touched many with the lyrics and straight forward message, as well as the voice, that delivered those lyrics. Anthony Q's YouTube has gained more subscribers and his latest two videos, #NoHandOuts featuring Prestige with 142 thousand views, as well as #CutTies with 117 thousand, keep gaining traction. Anthony Q's YouTube subscribers are at 6.82 thousand and growing. So many are paying attention and listening yet have been hesitant to subscribe. That will come, as Anthony Q continues on in his career and convinces more and more, that the talent is real!! You can find Anthony Q on Instagram below

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