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HBK Boom


By: Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Thank You, HBK Boom, for your time and allowing Thawed to go InDepth with you.  First, tell the readers about HBK BOOM, and tell them what HBK stands for??

I’m HBK Boom but most people just call me Boom for real.  HBK stands 







for Heart Break Kid.  I got it from watching wrestling a lot when I was younger but it just stuck, so I kept it as my stage name.  Been doing music since I was about 15, so it’s been kind of cool to see myself grow through many different stages in my life.


We know you're a busy Man, who attends college, plays basketball, as well as an entrepreneur.  How do you manage your time?

I like the challenge of trying to balance my time.  Most people don’t know what I really do on a daily because I don’t broadcast it, but I’m busy and I work hard daily.  Wake up, go to class, work out.  Homework, open gyms or practices, and then music.  I don’t really force songs out, I just go off of how I’m feeling at the time or my mood.  It’s kind of natural for me.


Tell us about your appearance in a video ad for "Neighborhood Nobodies" and some of the highlights of doing the video. Also, your connection to "Neighborhood Nobodies".

Yeah, Tony just hit me up saying he wanted me to help model and I picked up on the opportunity for the experience. I know my influence helps on stuff like that, so I try to support every clothing brand from Saginaw honestly. We all help each other at the end of the day. I mess with the brand heavy and I’m excited to see how it grows right along with every other clothing brand I’m tied in with from the city.


How many songs do you think or know you have released and tell us 5 songs, that the readers should definitely listen to, if they want to know more about HBK Boom, the Artist.

I’m probably closer to 1000 songs released than not. I’m a quality over quantity type of guy but you have to stay consistent. I know I have fans and they expect me to drop so I have to keep them happy, ‘cause I appreciate their support. Five songs is tough to pick ‘cause I feel like I have a lot of hits, lot of songs people love. My top five would probably be 40 with me and Rio, Dancin’ in The Rain, Buck$, Song About Sex, and Toot That. I’m in a different bag on each of those songs so if you listen to those five my versatility will show.


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Suzie Soprano


InDepth wit   


You produce music as well?? Name a few Artists that recorded their lyrics over a HBK Boom track.

Wonnie Dang, 1Take, Chicken P, Sheez, Fresh Rich, Mike Mike, Tay Rowe, Lil Ray just to name a few. 


What song do you think comes to mind, when your fans think of you?? It can be one or more that you feel, made them a fan of your music.

Toot That probably my biggest song ever. People go be able to play that song forever. I know right now once people think about my music they think of that song, but it really depends who you ask for real. Depending on the person a different song would be the favorite. Lots of people picked up on my career at different times and I feel like I got hits in different eras. Some people still love Faneto, Homecoming and Playin’ Roles. I got fans that probably never heard them songs before too.

Besides Music, School and Sports, what else do you see or have touched, that you want to see it grow into more then maybe a hobby but into a business??

Whatever can make me more money. Probably can get into real estate or something like that I’m not sure for real. I do want to give back to the city more. I know I’m young, but some feel my presence is strong enough to do stuff like that so I’m going to start stepping up to the challenge, on my own terms though. I got a lot of stuff I plan on doing in the near future bringing the city together as long as it ain’t no trouble involved. Just want to see Saginaw win.

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Your creativity on songs, as well as when you release them, like your valentine's day list of songs, seems to be well thought of. How much do you plan ahead with, your creative thinking??

I really just make a lot of songs on purpose. That came together after I started listening to my body of work and could put certain songs with others and theme it like that. I really come with a plan every tape. I might come half auto tune songs and half snapping. I know I got different people who like different sounds I make so I try to challenge myself and keep everybody tapped in at the same time. I’m glad I groomed myself to be able to do any sound. I got songs from years ago on that tape and songs I had make 2 weeks before dropping. Good music is timeless.


Where do you see yourself in music, in the near future?? More music and or more Production?? Also, Which one takes more patience to see the finished product?? 

It’ll always be easier to work by myself and do my own music but it’s a different feeling producing gives that making music doesn’t. I like being behind the scenes sometimes doing stuff under the radar. I know I’m about to level up just have to stay patient and keep working. It’s only a matter of time! 

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Is there anything, that We may have left out, that you want to touch in to let the readers know more about HBK Boom?

Just follow me on all social media @HBKBoom. That’s my @ name on every social media. Want to thank Thawed Magazine for tapping in with me. Thank my fans, my family, and my team for supporting me through everything. More to come stay tuned!

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