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Written by Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Thawed Magazine got a chance to speak with one of the most Talented Artist/Fashion Designers we've ever seen work in person.  At a Car show, this Artist painted anyone that requested to be framed, without missing a step.  Blessed with natural talent with his hands for artwork, so it only seems natural that his artwork and Fashion go hand and hand.  This feature is on none other then DeVaughn "Kidd" Collins.  Lets start by asking Mr. Collins.....


When was Richer Denim born and what motivated its birth??

Richer Denim was started while living in Dallas, Tx. Me & my cousin & a close friend came up name & design for the brand. What motivated us was a need of legitimate money & to stand out while doing so.

When did you begin with artwork, because it seems so natural to you.

My love for art started at a very young age.  I tell people that I've been drawing since pac-man came out.  I had a cousin, who has since passed away but was one of the 1st true artist I seen & I wanted to do the same.


How do you combine your natural talent for art, with Fashion??

The love for fashion comes from my Mom, who has been sewing since I could remember.  So combining the 2 seemed like a natural fit.

Where can readers purchase your artwork? Is it up for sale or do you create by request??


At the moment, I'm working with someone to get my website up to par. So far all my sales have been hand to hand.


What business ventures besides Clothing are you involved in??


I'm in the process/talks with opening up a t-shirt shop that will provide all t-shrit needs, from DTG, screen printing, sublimation along with airbrushing & custom artwork.  It'll also contain space to shoot photography.

What else can you tell us, that you have coming up in the near future and what do you feel is in store for Richer Denim??

My top priority rite now is securing the building & opening up the shop.  Richer Denim is always gone be my baby but making sure the foundation is solid & making as few costly mistakes as possible.  So be on the lookout for the new styles we're about to drop.  Thank you JJ for this opportunity BIGG UPS 989 TUFF!!!

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