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Macho Black 

              When you think of this gentleman, envision someone who's an entertainment specialist.  On air radio personality at one of the biggest radio stations in the country.  Brand ambassador for #LAYOP -- one of the

trendiest clothing & merchandising brands in the world.  Co-founder of - which connects black patrons to black businesses all over the country.  Last but certainly not least, a budding on stage comedian extraordinaire.  A good brotha all the way around.  From Saginaw, MI & currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada -- my guy Macho Black.

Mach, how's life treating you in Vegas these days?? Good to touch base with you by the way...

How has the transition from Saginaw to Vegas been?

Man... Vegas is Vegas.  It’s been nothing but love.  Just celebrated being here 10 years this past February.  I feel like Vegas was a necessary move for me to spread my wings and grow.  I’m Lebron with the Miami (Heat) here in Vegas.  Im'ma bring a championship to the Sag soon tho.  #Homecoming

The transition from Saginaw to Vegas wasn’t too bad. I lived in Vegas for like a year and a half in middle school.  Felt great to get back.  As much as I love Saginaw, Vegas just had more opportunities for me to grow in the field of entertainment.  I had been trying to get on radio locally for what seemed like forever in Saginaw.  I move to Vegas and in less than 3 months, I’m already on air.  I just fell into a perfect situation. From there I was able to transition into doing comedy.  Saginaw gave me so much.  From hosting live shows, church programs, date auctions, Big Three Ent. Parties, etc.  It gave me all the tools I needed to start.  Vegas helped me cultivate those tools and ya boy blossomed.


How's the stage treating you??


Stand up has been going very well.  Especially over the last 12 months or so.  I’ve found my groove.  I’ve been rocking stages regularly.  I feel like I’m finally ready to throw myself out there and take my stand up career to another level.  Not that I lacked confidence, I just hadn’t felt like I was ready for the biggest stages. I know things fall into place in due season.  I also know that form follows function.  So if you just function, things will form how they should be.  I got that from the great Lupe Fiasco.  It resonates with me tho.  I’m coming y’all!  I'M COMING!

What can you say you've learned from being on stage that's different from being in studio??

The stage is so different from the studio.  I love both.  The stage is relentless though.  The stage will expose you or gratify you.  Say something wack over the radio waves, you may never hear any negative response. Say something wack on stage and you may not get to finish your joke or your set.  The stage can provide an instant thrill.  With radio, you’re basically doing it for you and hope the people vibe with you.  I want to do both forever though.  I can honestly say I believe I was put on this earth to do both... and more.

Do you see yourself advancing beyond the stage?? Movies or tv perhaps??

Beyond the stage and studio, I really have no desire for movies or television.  I’d rather focus on being a success in the commUNITY and in business.  If tv or movie opportunities come along, who knows?  I may take an honest look at it, but it’s not a focus of mine.  Outside of my passion for entertaining, I have a real desire to help and support Black Owned Businesses.  That’s why I (along with my business partner Derick Jones) crested the


How's family life?

Family life is awesome and exhausting. I’m a husband (to the beautiful Queen Bae, Shawonda). Father of 3 (Khalil, 19; RJ aka Boog, 13; and Gavin, 9). I’m running from my full time job at the state to football practices, basketball tournaments, marrying couples on the weekend, and blazing stages and airwaves in the evenings. I’m a busy man and my family some times pays the price. So i try to make family time special. I Put my phone down and be present with my family. My babies won’t be babies much longer.

Anything new on the horizon for Macho Black the entertainer?


On the horizon for Macho? Only The Most High knows. I’m pushing towards building my brand. Rocking stages all over the country. Building a bigger audience via social media.

How can fans connect with you?

“I got a lot of family, you got a lot of fans/ that’s why the people got my back like the Verizon man...”  I got no fans.  Just family.  Word to Jay Electronica.  Hit me up on Instagram @ComedianMacho.  Shout out to the Thawed Mag fam, the city of Saginaw, my wife, children, and everybody who ever believed in me.  I promise to make Saginaw proud.  After all, I’m Saginaw’s Very Own. 

Appreciate the time, my brotha. Wishing you many, many more years of success & prosperity. Be well.  Follow and Support Macho Black on IG and Twitter.  #Salute  

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Written by
Jeffrey R. Bulls

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