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Knowledge is Wealthy!!

Written by Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Thawed Magazine got a chance to speak with one of the fastest rising clothing brands out of Michigan, that's steadily growing into many other regions and states.  We asked Co-Owner Kuddles Hopkins a few questions and just like the businessman he is, he promptly delivered. 


Was it always in your plans to do Fashion and start your own brand??

Me and my partner, Rashad Hosea, came up wit the brand.  We was always some crispy ass niggas before we even started "Wealthy".  He came wit the idea and ran it across me.  I thought it was crispy, so we figured, we would start rocking our own brand.

With the "Wealthy" brand, many see the NBA players and Rappers wearing "Wealthy" but tell the readers what they don't see.

It’s a lot of behind the scene things people don't see.  Like it wasn’t a walk in the park and it still isn’t.  Being a entrepreneur is hard as hell and can be stressful.  We still in Grind mode.  We not even in our bag yet, for real.  It’s still first quarter for us.

On a radio show, you spoke on "Support".  What advice would you give,  for anyone who is in the Fashion business or business in general , when it comes to Support. 

Support is big!!  I love supporting other people.  I wanna see everybody succeed.  It don't cost a dime to share someone's post.  People post bullshit all day on social media.  Why not post a black owned business, that’s trying to make a way.

You're a big advocate for your city.  What do you want to see your city achieve more of?  How do you feel the city can achieve those goals?

We have to stop thinking that people are in competition with one another.  If everybody come together like the white folks do, we will ALL win.

With so many clothing brands coming out of Saginaw recently, or even just the fashion industry as a whole, how does the Wealthy brand stay above the curve?

I’m happy everybody is coming out wit a brand.  It doesn’t bother me at all.  It just makes me work twice as hard and I’m still gone share there post about their brands, just to show them it’s no competition.  I want us to win and get on as a whole.

What can we expect from the "Wealthy" brand, heading into the future?

You can expect another store in 2020, in Atlanta.  That’s wat "Wealthy" has got up next.

Recently,  you were at the All Star Game 2019, a radio show, and you've hosted a few music shows.  Tell us how they all mix within Fashion.  Basketball, Music, Entertainment etc.

All of them play a big part.  I’m netting more and more important people in the industry.  I've been rubbing shoulders wit a lot of different people lately.

Is there anything else,  you would like the readers and supporters to know, that we may have missed?

I want people to know to keep grinding!!  Keep chasing your dreams, and never give up!  Dreams do
come true!!

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