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Written by

Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Written by

Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Arizona is well known for its hot weather but it also has a hot, burgeoning  Hip Hop scene.  We had the chance to talk with Mr. Kimble Johnson, who has for quite some time now, creating a name in Michigan and Arizona as a Promoter among other things.  When asked about his Label, "Self Fed Entertainment".  he stated to Us "Starting this label has been a long time coming.  I grew up in the era where hip hop music itself, was also growing up, so we grew up together.  My first love."  And for many of Us, including myself, its a statement that holds so much value, as Hip Hop has grown.  Yet, many Men and Women raised in the 70's and 80's have such an attachment to Hip Hop.  We GREW Up together!! 


Mr. Johnson stated that he first entered a recording studio, located  in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 14.  He stated that  he... "found it on my own.  We had very few to no resources or people, to help get you in the game back then.  Atleast, I didn’t know...Being a kid in the Daniel Heights Projects of Saginaw Mi, we had many resources to get into sports but not the music business. Something that seemed so far out there.  I later discovered Ron Terry thru J Bone, who had the Flipside hustles tape out back then.  Me and my cousin, Shan G made a few tracks and I was hooked.  My street life took me away from it and I lost focus after a few prison bits.  God guided me off the streets in 2013 and moved me to Holland Michigan.  I took on a job, where I met Kong the Producer.  Funny how God works.  In 2016, I suffered a brain bleed while 

working.  Put me in a bad spot for the next couple of years.  I Couldn’t figure out why God would do this now, after I swore off illegal drug dealing and stuck to that.  With my back against the wall, my vision of concert promotion came to me, which lead to me doing "The Underdogs live unsigned music" showcases.  These became successful and looked forward to in Michigan.  I Built relationships with unsigned talent across the country. When the pandemic hit in 2020, again I was trying to figure out why God stopped me in my tracks... again.  He lead me back to my purpose in life.  The vision came for "Self Fed Entertainment." The name speaks for itself, what we represent, 100% independent.  We’re the wolves of the wilderness (music industry).  We need no approval.  We move on the No Limit Records blueprint.  Not just a hip hop label.  I don’t believe in genres.  When asked what type of music we create?  My response is good music.


and that is very Important as a Label Owner.  The artist we have on the label are Kong The Producer.  We worked together at a factory in Holland Michigan, where I would take work checks and flip them doing small shows.  This is where we met and how we clicked.  He was at the time performing wit a group named "The Tribe" that performed in a couple of shows I produced and promoted.  I remember convincing him to enter a contest I was judging.  He showed up with a solo set and won the Midwest competition to audition for Def Jam records in New York City.  And I didn’t have to cheat for him lol.  His soulful, rhythmic style of music is what drew me to working with him.  When you hear his single "Social Media", which is making noise across the U.S., you will know in the first minute how much of an artist you are dealing with.  This brother is talented and sharp.  The best partner I ever had.  Blessing to be on the team.  


"The Therd Day" or The 3rd Day is also a unique style of artist.  This young man is gifted as well as wise.  I met him a few months ago, when I moved to Arizona.  He’s a Phoenix, Arizona native. Very well respected in the hip hop community out here.  This I found out later lol.  We clicked instantly from what we were both into and decided to work together.

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After we learned more about how "Self Fed Ent. was birthed, we asked about the Artist and projects that are set to drop.  One, which is Self Fed's first release, is called "Social Media" by Kong The Producer.  Kimble filled Us in and didn't just name the Artist,  He gave Us a backdrop on each one soon as he mentions the Name and each one, you can tell he believes in 

The 1irst day him and Kong met, they made "Momacita".  Therd has been in films and we are coming with more, from the scripts and production, we working on.  Deep, talented brother.  Very important part of the team. Biggz, is my younger homie from the same city, and neighborhood and block, that I’m from.  I first heard him on a track with Solid JD the M.O.S.T., who is also on the squad, from my family JP, who is down in Dallas.  Biggz is a mix of Nas, Scarface and Jeezy.  He tells a story in his music, that only those who have been thru it, can relate to and if not, he will paint a picture and put you in the middle of the story.  Well seasoned on the mic and in tracks.  His single "New Jack" will be dropping this summer, with a mini movie video.  Solid JD The M.O.S.T., I believe this young brother is one of the biggest unsigned secrets.  My cuz JP introduced this young man out of Oak Cliff, after I told him I was starting a music label.  He told me he had a unsigned rapper better than anyone I can bring and he was right.  Blew my dome back the way he switches his styles up on tracks.  People ask is that the same person on his songs when I play them.  Definitely going to be a force when we unleash him.  Work ethic insane.  Talent is off the chart. We have another Tupac. Tut Marley is another we are working into the mix and looking to sign soon.

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