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     We took a 6-hour trip to be a part of the Media for the 2022 L.O.U.D. Fest in Houston Katy, Texas in December.  Well Worth it. Salute to Pinky Da Don for letting Us know about the event.  We were able to witness firsthand, Mr. Derrick McKinney's tireless work ethic. His attention to detail, as well as his passion, for not just his own Artist on the L.O.U.D. Muzik Label, but for Artists in general.  As we looked around and seen Artists, Media, Vendors, Supporters and more, enjoying themselves, even as the first day had rain.  For 3 days, and 2 stages many aspiring creatives of all forms of Entertainment joined in and took part in L.O.U.D. Fest 2022.  With Headliners like Fat Pimp, Lil Flip to Z-Ro, who received his Honorary Doctorate and Lifetime Award that day, as well as Stage Interviews with Audio Mack of Lebra Jolie to Ken the Man.  Many were in attendance or performed from DJ XO, Rap-A-Lot MidWest, Tonay Marie, to Artists on the L.O.U.D. Muzik roster like Skyrah Bliss, Tim Ned, Khody Blake etc.  We also talked with Artist who performed from Nick B., Juice Boyz, Killa D, Big NorthSide and more.  Chopped it up wit Media and Videographers from Square Business Media, Sisi W Tha Sauce, Digital Avenue and more.  Much of the 3 day event was rooted in networking and Mr. Derrick McKinney spearheaded it, with his dedicated team who all gave so much to the event.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Derrick McKinney, so let's begin our interview.

TM: Before we get into more details on your accomplishments, motivations etc, can You give our readers 4 Words that You think, would best describe You? 

DM: Hardworking, Focused, Determined, Leader

TM: When did you first realize, that you wanted to be a part of the Music Business? 

DM: When I was in second grade I told a classmate I would own a record company. We connected on facebook a few years ago, and she reminded me that I would always say that. 

TM: As a Manager what Artists do you Manage and what motivates you to work hard and make sure, that you give them the best chance to succeed? 

DM: Z-Ro, Lil Flip, & Fat Pimp. Anything my name is attached to, I want to give my all and make sure I put them in a better position than before I met them. 

TM: As a Label Owner, what do you like about the Music Business and what are some of the things you may not like or would like to see improved upon.  It can be pertaining to your Artists or from your own standpoint. 

DM: I love the actual business! The marketing, the strategy, the execution, the creation. I hate systemic racism in the industry, and how race literally controls the budgets & marketing for the artist. 

TM: Tell us more about L.O.U.D. Muzik, the Record Label. What separates Your Label from other Labels. Plus, let our readers know what L.O.U.D stands for. 

DM: L.O.U.D. stands for LiveOutUrDreams, and we are focused on discovering the next global icon! We want to change the music culture and not just put out anything. 


TM: Is it a process or a certain method that you have, when signing Artists to your label. And is it the same for Managing Artists or is it by ear or look or feel for an Artist? 

DM: My method is to date before we get married. I like to work with an artist for a while before I commit to them, or ask them to commit to me. We need really get to know each other. 

TM: You post Inspirational posts on IG. You seem to inspire more then just the Artists on your label or who attended your festival or Events. How important is that, to You, to inspire this generation of Creatives, that may follow you. And What is one important piece of advice, that you would give an Aspiring Artist today?? 

DM: It's super important!! We need to change the mentality of the people around us in order to really be successful. The advice I would give is to be creative, and make sure you give yourself the best shot to succeed. Outwork any and everybody!

TM: What are some notable Awards that you have achieved. I had seen that you were awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the POTUS himself. And I’ve also seen quite a few Plaques. Can you tell Us what they were. 

DM: Honestly, I'm not a big fan of awards lol. I appreciate them all, but I'll celebrate the Grammy, or the Billboard award. 

TM: I Can definitely Respect that.  With all that you have going on, Music, Managing, Events etc, You’re also a Family Man.  How much does Family play a role in the making of the person that we see. And is that why many creatives, seem to gravitate to You?? 

DM: Family is what keeps me motivated and pushes me every day. When you want the best for those around you, your ambition and drive is different. I think creatives gravitate towards our team is because we aren't scared to allow them to be different. 

TM: Is there anything that we may have left out, as I’m sure it is because you have done so much that we may need more room in the Article. But is there anything that you want to tell our readers, that we may have not have touched on?? Upcoming events, Music releases etc.. 

DM: That as a company we are focused on taking our music, culture, & community to another level. 

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L.O.U.D. MUZIK's Founder & CEO, Derrick D. Thomas-McKinney

     We would like to Thank, Mr. Derrick McKinney, as well as the L.O.U.D. Muzik Family.  You can learn more about L.O.U.D. Muzik by clicking the pictures on the side and follow them at L.O.U.D. Muzik (@officialloud) • or go to @derrickmc. Mr. McKinney was chosen by Black Enterprise as one of the top 100 Men of Color in the country for their Modern Men of Color campaign.  He began his career in the music industry at the young age of twenty when he got the opportunity to work with FUBU, as their Regional Marketing Rep. He has worked on projects from R. Kelly to London On The Track.  You can also follow for more L.O.U.D. Muzik events @ LOUD MUZIK Radio/Press Junket (@officialloudevents), as well as L.O.U.D. Fest (@loudfesttx) •

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