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Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson-Thawed Magazine                           April 5th, 2019 


Nipsey Hussle was more then... "JUST A RAPPER!!"

And this goes for any and all "Rappers".   But with Nipsey, labeling him "just a Rapper" is insulting.  BUT its more insulting for anyone who thinks in that way.  Because it shows a lack of knowledge or insight from whoever regurgitates the phrase.  To judge the Man by album sales, youtube views, likes or even downloads, is to minimize his reach.  Music was an avenue.  A stepping stone to accomplish what Nipsey set out to do.  To give many hope, as he said once before, "The lack of opportunity can make gang culture seem the most viable option."  To help gain the voice he wanted, to be able to truly affect lives and give opportunities, is what music gave him.  With that he didn't stop, he chose to spread his message of Progress and Growth, when many were being left behind in his community and Nationwide, where they thought they couldn't progress and grow.  One such venture, Sector90, fused creative minds and entrepreneurs.   It's a combination co-working space and STEM center in the Crenshaw district.  He also was part of a Investment team.


The Man born Ermias Asghedom on August 15, 1985, Nipsey Hussle at the age of 33 was well on his way to becoming more then just... "A Rapper, a businessman,      activist etc..."  He was all of the above, as well as a family Man for all to see.  He was a creative mind, humble and at 33 years old, was just scratching the surface of his potential, as well as his plans.  He wanted to, and was more then on his way to, helping build up his community.  But to many, Nipsey was being held to his past and his past affiliations, instead of the Visionary that is....NIPSEY!!!!

Many, in a failed  attempt to dilute or drown his message.  Which has only gotten stronger!  That message?  Simply put, to OWN.  To Grow!!  To invest in something that appreciates, and not just depreciates.  AND... to HELP!!  Many forget that last part, especially when they achieve success and some flaunt what they have because they know others, don't have.  Nipsey could have easily found new land to live and build and maybe, would be alive today.  BUT Nipsey had a plan to build from his "Smart Store".  To let it flow as a hub into his community.  Little did Nipsey know, or maybe he did and being the Visionary that he was, I'm sure he knew, soon he would touch more then just his community.  Or maybe, that was the plan all along.  As his message has reached almost every inch of America and beyond.  As a person close to me said, "even if you wasn't a fan of his music, as I wasn't cause I never listened to it, that it was still heartbreaking."  As many argue or debate about who listened or who was a fan first etc, everyone needs to remember that, Nipsey wasn't just a rapper. He was a landowner, a creator, a Visionary, a community activist growing, as well as becoming the voice of a street that it does have bright and creative minds.  And as he began to get a stronger voice, with Grammy Nominations and a rising fanbase, also began a talk with the police, that was to come, to help curb street violence.  Also with what some may call "Rival" gangs to help bridge the

gap and become more for the community.  And as we know now, those talks took a HUGE setback, as now the community that Nipsey wanted so badly to help, now has to mourn his death.  And to many who wonder why so many mourn Nipsey, look no further then his community activism, peace initiations upcoming with "Rival"gangs, and the ability to have a sitdown with the police and still maintain his Respect in the streets.  But if you only look at his music, or to dance and vibe, then yes, you don't understand the totality of ...NIPSEY!!!   As many who wanted, as well as needed to see Nipsey continue with his plans, that it wasnt just a Man or "Just a Rapper" who was taken away from the World, but to many in his community and beyond, some hopes and dreams also followed.  BUT if its up to Nipsey, its not over!!  And one would hope that someone picks up the baton, and continues "The Marathon" during its "Victory Lap".      

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