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"My main objective is to bring everyone out of despair, and depression."

Will Brown

One episode at a time, Will Brown is on a personal mission. In an effort to help his community.


By Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson
Published December 16, 2021

Let our readers know about William Brown.
I was born January 8, 1988 in Saginaw, Michigan. My parents' names are Odis Brown, and Alice Alford. The youngest sibling of my late oldest brother Dameon, and my sister Allison. And the 3rd child of my father’s side. Was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. Attended the Millet Learning Center in 1991. Later onto Salina Elementary school.

You started a podcast? What year and what were your thoughts, that lead you into bringing it to life?
I am the founder of The 1804 Show & The 1804 Show: Chapter 2. I started back in January of this year. I always wanted to help people, and to express myself because I grew up messed up. Being like an outcast, and very misunderstood. So I wanted to get my story out somehow, and some way, and this was my path.

Tell us more about the title of your podcast and the significance of it.
To be honest with you; I didn’t have a title for it at first. But I wanted it to mean something. Be symbolic. To be authentic. Come from a place of redemption. On New Year’s Day; I have watched 1804: The Hidden History of Haiti about the Haitian Revolution. I was so inspired by the story, and how everyone worked together by using great military strategy to gain their independence. So I decided to take on the name in order to liberate my hometown from destruction, suicide, and gun violence.

Is there a certain genre or demographic that you try to reach or is it pretty much for everyone?
My main objective is to bring everyone out of despair, and depression. Us as a community, We’ve been told to man up or that God won’t put anything on you that you can’t handle. Which is a cliche. Depression is not a choice. It’s a disease.


A disease that almost destroyed me if I didn’t go seek counseling/therapy. I lost a lot of people from my childhood. Back to back funerals. Like 9 of them in 7 years! So that takes a tow on a human being. Wondering who’s next? It was hard. So I took it upon myself to speak for the voiceless.

You recently addressed critics or people that tried to take away from what you do? Can you tell us as well as your listeners, what actually happened??
My comments were addressed to those who stole my entire ideas and format. As a man of integrity; Never have I seen so many impostors







InDepth wit

Suzie Soprano


InDepth wit   



who came after me, try rewriting history. I did say that I was the first one: Which I take back, but nobody was really doing the podcasting here anymore. It was a hiatus. But I kicked it off, and began to make a name for myself. I put that on my brother’s grave.

You’re passionate about your work. Do you feel or did you feel, that it’s deeply rooted, as far as the two are concerned…. Hate vs Support??
It gets tough sometimes not being able to differentiate who’s really real and who’s the opportunists. I understand that there’ll always be leaders and there’ll be followers. I hate when a follower tries to overstep their positions or raise above their stations. There’s a whole lot of clout chasing going on. I’m grateful, and humble for the love that I’ve received. Never really was popular at all. Not in high school period. It just saddens me when we’re the only city that doesn’t support each other. I helped changed lives. Made people happy to get their stories heard, and never bragged about it. I do what I do because it was a time that I didn’t have a shoulder to lean on.

What do you foresee, as far as 2022 and your podcast, as well as other ventures??
Getting my own building. Relocation cause I do it from my own living room. Just expanding. Growth is key. I’m growing everyday. Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. Making more music. Starting my own record label, and merchandise. Being independent, and a mentor to the youth. Speaking at many various places in the city of Saginaw.

It maybe hard to narrow down, so can you tell us some of your more memorable podcasts and what stood out to you about each one?
I have done over 150 episodes, but the one that stood out to me was the one I did with John Potash, author of: The FBI War Against Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders. I was so star-stuck! Never would’ve thought I would land someone who has been all over YouTube and many other platforms. He was the only Caucasian male who has been on my show, but he dropped a lot of gems in the episode about the unfair justice system, and many injustices towards our people. That was when I knew I have made it!

Tell our readers, why they should tune in to the 1804 Show, as well as your other ventures. And what they should expect for 2022.
Because it all comes from the heart. It comes from a young man who took back his life, and reinvented himself. Not everyone gets that opportunity.

Tell our readers, How they can be a guest on your show and also, how to watch your show.
You can find me on my YouTube channel The 1804 Show: Chapter 2. My Instagram is @dollarwill1804. Snapchat Trillwill27. My name on Facebook is my real name. Business page on Facebook is the name.

Is there anything that we may have left out that you want to mention??
I’ll be releasing my first memoir titled, “The Nightmare Ends When You Say It Does.” Coming Soon in 2022. Make sure to check out my first compilation mixtape Exodus Volume One on YouTube. And many more things to come.

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