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Suzie Soprano


Written by Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

           "I started doing music when I was 11, but I been writing since I was 5." Suzie Soprano is very charismatic and her love for music has been very instrumental in shaping her life.  The music she creates has many pieces of herself, inside of it.  While also  showing  that, lyrically she can hang with anyone. A very genuine Artist who has her own creativity, even as many Rappers have gon' the route of "Troll Rap". She takes her craft seriously but not too serious, that she cant have fun with her fans. With a consistent and heavy presence on social media, you can usually catch witty, sarcastic, humor as well as moments of her sharing her feelings with her fans.  Giving them a glimpse of the person as well as the artist.
     When asked, who were her mentors, Suzie lets it be known that "My mentors were my older brother & my moms ex fiancé, who was in a group called “The Hard Boyz.”  Suzie has spent the majority of her life surrounded by what she loves. With that in mind, she continues to fight thru the many battles many artist go thru to be heard. With a strong support system from the likes of her Big Brother Havern, who was the first to introduce her and her music to us years ago, as well as the many fans who follow her growth, Suzie is on to her next mission as an Artist on Trina's imprint RMG.  And she wants readers to know "they should expect versatility.  They should expect a lot of raw, uncut, real shit & a lot of weed smoking."
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Suzie Soprano


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InDepth wit   


Issue online 2020

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