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New Orleans Representa'

Coming out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Artist Jakk Jo has seen the many sides of the Music Industry and continues to push along and grow his craft.  The love of music has helped him craft gritty, and crafty music.  As we reached back and listened to some of Jakk Jo's earlier releases, you can see him still growing and his potential for even more.  Songs like "I'M back" hits hard to set it off!!  

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With some gritty, yet true, as I've seen wit my own eyes in the streets in the past, hard hitting lyrics like "Yo Main ni77a you squeezing triggas fo'/ he staged a robbery/he kicked yo back do'/he know exactly where you put the sack bro/then he told you, to be ca'ful//da judge got yo life inside the gaffle/gotta protect yo neck or the feds gon make an example..."  Whew!! The Notebook sparks and starts off wit a 


bang and continues on from there.  13 Songs strong, Jakk Jo puts a stamp on "Notebook Musik."  On "Mean Dat Sh@t" "Did my own thang and I was born in da Mob/told Ma, I rap/ I'ont wanna work a job/fam full of Gangsta's, I been outside/ wake up ev' morning, see the Benz outside/ see the 'Lac outside/ can't fit in the garage/ rich ni77a chit, I aint neva gotta act/fifteen Ma puttin' furs on my

back..."  Jakk Jo attacks the production, relentlessly.  He has more then just the New Orleans accent, voice etc., and he shows it on "NotebookMusik".  But even when you hear his lyrics, you still gotta understand that he will still grow with his music with time.  Jakk Jo ends "NotebookMusik" with another standout track in "Suicidal Thoughts"  "...We stood strong like Soljas/we aint bend or rollova/when that pressure was on my chest/ I aint panic, held my compusure/had to laugh to keep from crying/that's why I'm always jokin'/You cant't relate to this real chit if you neva felt hopeless.." We gotta chance to Interview Jakk Jo and find out some more... how's, when's and where!!  Jakk Jo, How long have you been recording music?  And tell our readers something about the project(s) you have out or are working on? 
I’ve been recording music about 10 years or more.  I just dropped a project called “NoteBookMusik”!  Also, I dropped a new single called “Everything buss Down”. 


Young Jakk Jo with his Mom, Legend Mia X


Is it something that you just love to do or is it also therapy or food for the soul?? 

It’s all of the above!  lol  I love every aspect of making music.

You grew up in New Orleans, correct?  Tell us about the Local music scene there and is it very supportive? 

Yes, grew up in New Orleans.  The music scene is different but yet competitive.  So support is hard to come by at times.

Who were some of your Musical influences?? 
​Kevin gates, Mia X, Jay Z, Soulja Slim, Fiend, Jakk Jo

What do you think of the Hip Hop Scene, as a whole, in its current state?? 
I think the industry cool.  It’s hard to figure it out but once you do, the money is worth the grind.

Besides Music, what else do you enjoy, during your time when you’re not recording? 

Writing, looking at YouTube, chillin' with my girl.


Has your family been as supportive of your career?? 

Did the Pandemic slow you and your career down, in 2020?

Yes slowed everything down

What are your plans or what do you expect to accomplish for the upcoming year of 2022?

Grind!  Make more paper!  Take it further!

Is there anything else, that we may have missed or didn’t touch on, that you want the readers to know? 
Make sure y’all grab my music check out my latest videos 

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You can follow and listen to more of Jakk Jo on Social Media sites as well on Jakk Jo's Artist Website .




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