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InDepth wit

Suzie Soprano


InDepth wit   


By: Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

As time ticks, moments become memories.  And what once was, now becomes a building block.  A foundation to build upon, while many believe that foundation, is truly only between the ears.  Putting it all together is usually the hard part for many.  Time, Foundation and between the ears, in the 90% business 10% Talent world of music.  Some Artists combine the grind, with hustle and grit to try and stand out from the rest.  Some use trolling methods.  Some work on putting it all together, to create a standing ground to stand on for years.  We got a chance to talk to an artist, that has stood for years, got caught up in the system and came out swinging, as well as showed his city many things they had never seen before from one of their own.  His name is Corey Davis, known as Corey Dollaz.  As we begin this "InDepth", first we would like to Thank You Corey for your time.  

2020 has been, for a lack of better words, interesting and difficult at the same time.  How has it impacted the momentum that you created in 2019 and your career, when Covid hit the World??
2020 was both the Best and worst year of my life.  I had a heart attack and almost died at the beginning of the year, and I also saw the most money I've ever saw in my life.  But when I got sick, I stopped putting out music and content on social media all together damn near, and I’m just now picking back up.


You travel quite a bit.  Is that just part of you, or just something necessary for your career??

It’s Both.  I love to see the world and explore new places.  And from a business perspective, I’m always curious about new markets and lanes, and if I can get my hand in what’s going on in them.  Outside of music, I have quite a few different ventures in different states.  I’m currently in the process of a real estate deal and business investment in Tanzania Africa.


As You stated, You had a serious scare health wise recently.  Do you take more precautions with your health, as well as mentally, with all that you do??
Absolutely.  That shit woke me up and let me know I have to start resting more, rather than try to be on hustler time and up grinding til 3 and 4 in the morning.  On the flip side, it reminded me that we only live once and to not take any opportunity for granted.

I seen that you had many people doubting you only just a few years ago.  Was that fuel for your fire and drive?  I always seen the work ethic going back years ago but it ramped up in the last two years, to another level.

The doubt, definitely just fueled my fire.  I’ve always been very competitive and serious about proving points.  At this point, I think my point has been proven to all the doubters though.  Now I just have to prove to myself, that I got what it takes to be a National/ International Brand and become a multimillionaire.  But I’m the type that will die before I lose or let somebody beat me at anything lbs!


You've released songs like "Everything", to "Hurted My Soul" and been featured on numerous of times on platforms like "Hip Hop Lab", "Say CheeseTV" to "4Sho Magazine" to many other platforms. As well as your IG topping 33 thousand followers. But do you think the process has been slow, for many fans to gravitate towards your music or is it part of the process?

I look at it like, I was getting what I deserved honestly.  With music and in life,

you always get what you put in.  It doesn’t always pay out when you want it to, but no hard work or talents goes unnoticed.  Every major city I go to or high profile rapper I meet, tries to take some of my style.  I’ve had National artists steal whole songs, rappers trying to dress like me and talk like me, and some rappers acting like they finesse like me.  But at the end of the day, I always felt like I was just waiting on my moment for everybody to get hip to the real.
You missed quite a few of your years, to the "system". What did you gain and lose from your time of being incarcerated and how did that time motivate you to keep pushing, as many find it hard to fight back and adapt to the new world after years in the system?? And do you think someone reading this can find motivation, knowing that you not only adapted but came out stronger.
I lost 8 years to the system and that shit was a gift and a curse. I met so many solid O.G.’s, who were instrumental in molding me.  I picked up so much game, and learned how to really turn my hustles into a business.  That shit gave me patience and taught me how to calculate all the moves of life like chess.  But I had to lose time, in order to gain all that, which is the biggest loss.  Time is the only real asset.  No matter how much money or power you got, you can’t buy time or get it back.  And I kinda felt like if I would’ve never went to jail, I would’ve been made it.

The Song "I Got It" was fire and the accompanying video had a dope concept.  Was it telling your story or someone else's story??  And do you feel it went as far as it could go, as in it's reach to the public??

"I got it" is one of my favorite songs.  I was definitely telling my story, but I don’t feel like it went as far as it should’ve.  In hindsight, I didn’t have the right team behind me and nobody was advising me to put a much bigger budget behind it.


What other business ventures do you have and what is in store for Corey Dollaz and BDR for the year 2021??

Any plans to sign Artists or do you already have artist on your label, besides yourself?

This year we definitely signing a few artist.  We’re currently negotiating contracts with a few Saginaw Artists, and one Atlanta artists.  I’m going to launch my Non Profit organization “Dollaz and a Dream” and give back to the disenfranchised kids in my hometown.  As far as ventures, I'm a silent investor behind a hair bundle company.  I'm a real estate investor and I just got a seat on the board of directors, in a new real estate company in Africa.  I'm the founder of Big Dollaz Records and Corey Grand Productions, which throws concerts and parties.  Second quarter this year, I’m launching a modeling agency for the women, and a few other ventures that I can’t speak about right now.  I also recently became a brand Ambassador for a clothing line from my hometown named “Villians”,


Your IG stories have had some viral moments to say the least. lol  Has IG helped draw some fans to your music, as well as just letting them follow your life??  And can you tell readers about the importance and also, drawbacks of social media? 

Hell yea I have lol!  And yea, Instagram definitely brought a lot of new fans to my music and just some fans who wanna see my lifestyle.  The drawbacks, is that all that attention can get you the wrong attention too. 

From the Jackboys, to the gold diggers to the police.  A lot of times, I wanna let people in or do something super big on there but I always think about Frank Lucas and that coat lol!  But the people I fuck with in real life will tell you, I do shit that some of these industry niggas ain’t doing foreal.


Is there anything that we may have left out, that you want the readers to know about??

How versatile I am.  I done been the Boss, the worker, the leader, the foot soldier and everything in between.  I got millionaire friends I talk to everyday, and niggas that call me from prison or still in the hood.  That shit balance me out and remind me of where I wanna be, and where I came from.  For those that don’t know me or my story, I really beat the odds and put my self own. And when I came up, I made sure to be that help to everybody around me that I wish I had.  But I’m self made and wouldn’t have it any other way!  Signed, The Realest Nigga in it!  Corey Dollaz

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