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The 989 Assassin 

Saginaw's Own 

Jermaine Franklin Jr.


As boxing goes, there are a few names in it that stand out.  Crawford, Spence, Canelo. On up to heavyweight, Wilder is probably the main draw.

For now.

There's another name ringing in boxing circles, as possibly one to look for in the heavyweight division.  Fresh off his first major television bout on Showtime, he's ready to show the world what he's made of and that he's up next to reign supreme.

Who is he??  None other than the 989 Assassin!!  The pride of Saginaw, Michigan....


Jermaine Franklin Jr.

Had a chance to catch up with him following his 10 rd unanimous decision victory this past Saturday night, defeating Rydell Booker on Showtime Boxing and got a few of his thoughts:

Hey champ.  Firstly, congrats on the win.  How did it feel to do your thing under the bright lights?

Thank you.  I thought the lights wouldn’t have an effect on me, but I was real tight fighting under them.

Your opponent was also from Michigan, right??  How did the fight go from a tactical standpoint.  Did what you see on film, play out in the ring?


Yes, he's from Michigan.

(As for the game plan), no because I strayed away from the game plan and started fighting into his fight a little bit.

Now that you've gotten that first Showtime/big tv fight under your belt, what's next for the 989 assassin???

My next move is to continue to work on my skills.  I had some big flaws in that fight.  I refuse to let happen again.

I see you had lots of hometown support.  Folks drove there, flew there etc to support. What's your thoughts on all the support you've been getting from home & family??

I love the support I get back home!  It gives me a extra push to work harder to get better....and to show people that we are not who they think we are, and that our circumstances do NOT define us.

We appreciate your time, Champ.  Looking forward to big things in the future from you.  Keep doin' ya thang.  We, at Thawed Sports, look forward to connecting with you again.  Best wishes on your upcoming success and future endeavors.

Fa sho!! Thanks for the support!


Clarissa Shields 


Franklin Jr

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