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Da Baby

Kicks knowledge after a talk with Diddy!!

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New Issue online January 2020

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InDepth wit   


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InDepth wit

Suzie Soprano

     Da Baby was arguably the fastest rising and hottest Artist of 2019.  2020 looked to be much the same.  But the year hasn't started off where "Bop" ended the year of 2019.   Da Baby has had his name in a few situations that he would probably not want them.  BUT as a strong minded Artist, he seems to have seen that, with his rise and stardom, that some much needed thinking needed to take place in order for what he has built, to continue to grow. 

        There was the incident at a hotel where Da Baby was accused of pushing an overzealous fan who wouldn't stop recording him at his request.  Where Da Baby said it was because he was with his daughter.  Before that incident, he was arrested to begin the year of 2020 on Jan 3rd for an "assault and robbery" where the victim was doused with apple juice.  The year wasn't starting out where Da Baby left 2019 with arguably the hottest song and video of the year.

     Da Baby even stated on twitter that he hasn't smoked weed since the ball dropped after a lady posted his picture and said he looked high in the picture.

Written by Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

     Da Baby says in the video, he was invited to Diddy's house.  Of Course, Diddy is the legendary architect of Bad Boy and all around Mogul.  The video showcases two things, a Young artist dealing with his rise and the fact that no matter how high you climb, it can be taken away.   And the Older wiser Legend who takes the time out to help gather the Young Man before it goes any further.  It's important from my viewpoint, as in the streets, many wonder why the streets can swallow a young man hole.  Many times, and yes some Young People don't always listen but also, OG's dont always reach out.  It can be dangerous, I admit and I know.  BUT it also pertains to any Business where many times, people standby to watch a fall, just as they did to watch the rise.  Watch the video and see if it affected Da Baby.   Moreso, his future moves should tell whether he grew from this time period or if it just flew out the ear.  Id say, its about to get interesting and for a long time Hip Hop'er, the growth of an Artist in his field, should create timeless music as well.  But above all, The Human growth as well is timeless.  

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