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Hunna Grann

In our 2nd "Artist 2 Watch" feature, Thawed Magazine got a chance to connect with rising Artist, Hunna Grann.  We would like to Thank Hunna Grann for his time and since talking with Hunna Grann, he has dropped his newest visual to his song, "4th Down" and is continuously working to build his brand and deliver more music to his fanbase.  We asked Hunna Grann a few questions to see what his future plans are, as well as some other musical topics.  Let's begin our interview and Hunna Grann, Much Respect and Thank You for your time. We know Time is of the essence.  Can you tell the readers about Hunna Grann and how you started with music.


I started off recording music on a tape recorder at the age of 7. It was a Christmas present from my mom that helped fuel the start of my career.


Who were some of your musical influences, Locally and Nationally??


My music is influenced by artists such as Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy & Chief Keef.







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What makes your music stand out??

What makes my music stand out, is the fact that I can touch on many subjects and experiment with different vibes, all while staying true to who I am as an artist.


Why should listeners outside of your city, give your music a listen? 


Listeners outside of the city should give my music a listen because I’m confident they will resonate and connect with it unlike any other artist they’ve heard before.


How do you feel about the local music scene and what do you feel it needs, to give Artist a better chance to be heard Nationally?


The local music scene is better than its ever been with all due respect to our predecessors.  In order to be heard more on a national level, I feel all we need is more media outlets such as Thawed Magazine, Saginaw Sound, Meech Goat TV, etc.


Issue online 2021

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With COVID still lurking, how has it or has it affected your musical growth, with shows being halted in 2020 and a slow rise in 2021? 


The pandemic actually helped my musical growth because it allowed me to build a stronger presence across all platforms and attract more listeners/fans who were probably just at home on their device during quarantine waiting to be fed with fresh content.


What will readers expect when they see you perform live?? 


They can expect a very entertaining set, filled with a lot of energy & thumping bass, that’ll make you want to move.



As an Artist, what are some things that you do, to build up your brand?


One thing I do to build up my brand is, hard target marketing, which is promoting more to demographics that have already shown interest.  Another thing I do is focus on the presentation of the brand itself, whether it be Cover Art, Music Videos, etc. 


By the time this article is out my new single “4th Down” will be available on all major streaming platforms be sure to check that out and thanks to Thawed Magazine for featuring me on your platform !

Follow Hunna Grann and click on these Social Sites for more day to day activity and to stay up to date on his new Music releases.  Also check out his latest Music Video below.





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