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I'm seeing a lot of sentiments out there

in regards to rooting for Tiger, or not to.

Your choice, I suppose. 


Me personally, I have no such hangups. 


In many ways, Tiger 


He's many of us.  This thing called life is

the fastest, highest, longest, scariest roller

coaster you could ever imagine.  Ups,

downs, twists, turns, dips, screams of joy,

thrill & elation in victory. 


Then you get kicked in the teeth. 

Then you lose your dad. 


Then you lose your best friend. 


Then you lose your marriage. 


Your kids no longer live with you. 


Then you lose your career. 


Your spine crumbles.  Your ACL ruptures. 


Surgery after surgery. 


Years go by. 


You try to pick up the pieces. 


Then another setback. 


Another surgery. never give up.  You keep clawing away.  Finding yourself.  Finding a way to just walk again without pain.  Then you pick up a club & hope you can just play a friendly round.  Different feel, but no pain.  You'll never be the same, but there's hope. 


Next thing you know, you're back practicing.  Before you know it, you're back playing. 

You've found a new appreciation for life.  In it, a new fondness of the game. 


Next thing you know, those competitive juices are back.  Just maybe... Who knows?  Shot by shot.... Hole by hole... Day by day.  You find your way out of that hole you dug yourself into.  And with some hard work & intestinal fortitude.... Back to the pinnacle of the sport you once reigned supreme. 

No, you're not the same as before. 


In many ways, you're better than before.  Because in many people's eyes, you're not supposed to be here. Thankfully... It's not up to them.


Hard work is undefeated.


Redemption is sweet.

Take a bow.




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