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By Crystal Flowers  

Mr. Goodman, better known as Bankroll Gee, was born in Saginaw, MI raised in Buena Vista which is a charter township of Saginaw County. When Bankroll Gee was in high school, he loved the sport of basketball.  He became one that the scouts seeked and was offered several scholarships.  Bankroll Gee went on to college, starting his journey at Saginaw Valley University and later graduated from Siena Heights University with a degree in criminal justice.  Bankroll Gee knew that wasn’t it for him.  He wasn’t full in his career yet, he knew that he had a desire for music and for designing clothes and wanted to act on it.  It

was something that attracted his soul to follow.  "In grade school, I came up with the acronym GYBC "Got Your Bitch Choosing".  This was a phrase that gravitated amongst his peers and took off.  He knew then that he had the power to bring a nation to the likes of whatever he had created.  Mr. Goodman, loyal, humble, mostly quiet, decided to take the world by storm.  Bankroll Gee the rapper, creative designer and overall entrepreneur was born.  The rule-breaking experimentalist was different.  He was nothing like the others making music around him, he wanted his music to not only make you dance but to give you the feeling of happiness.  He wanted his music to pull you off the walls at clubs, out your seat, and out of conversations at family functions, into the balance of grooving, twerking, and pure body bouncing.  Bankroll Gee made the music and released it to the world. “Boot Me Up” music is what he called it.  People were so programmed and focused on the new modern music that they weren’t so easily accepting of what he was offering at first. They

were so accustomed to the head bopping music, they had forgotten that it was okay to allow the hips and body to follow the rhythm of the beat.  Eventually, they began to love it and it was a hit.  Bankroll wanted to take it back to his teenage years, his Seagram’s Gin days.   His alcohol of choice as a teenager.  He rapped about it because he wanted to take you down memory lane as a teenager, who may have chosen Seagrams, as your choice of alcohol.  He wanted the song to be relatable to all, young and old.  And believe it or not, most of his fan base, is the older crowd.  “Slow Grind, better than no Grind!”  Bankroll Gee wants to take the independent route with his music.  He wants to be able to have total control

over his music and career.  Now, he won’t shy away from the right label, if they agree to give him total creative control and allow him to do it at the level he wants it done.  His overall goal is to build an empire of generational wealth and with a team that will take him to the top.  He not only wants to promote himself but to help other artists rise to the top as well.  Giving them the same opportunity that has been afforded to him, through education and experiences.  Being who he is and who he has become, Bankroll Gee has attracted the

younger crowd.  They now look up to him and gravitate to him for features and want to walk down that same path for success.  Because of that, Bankroll Gee understands that he has to remain grounded and focus on what’s ahead of him.  And in doing so, Bankroll stated that he paid homage to MO3 and Meek Mill for their lyrical ability, which speaks volumes to his ability to dig deeper and produce the best version of himself.  #DUMBASS is a catchphrase that you will hear throughout his music.  "A phrase that everyone loves to hear. When it’s heard, they think of me and my music.  Social media is one of many platforms that I use to push and promote my music.  It’s up to social media and the algorithms, when it comes to numbers.  You know that’s the goal to reach the masses, to keep you trending and maneuvering so that many can hear your talent.  Gain your fan base whether big or small.  All it takes is one song to take flight and you will be hitting for a second.  My music videos bring life to my creative ventures.  I want to act at some point, and making videos helps me to showcase my skills.  Helps me to reach my full potential at every angle.  I want to project realness through color and motion and through the pain and struggle that we face throughout our journey.  While also giving hope and joy through my music."  Getting to the music; Bankroll Gee's songs called "2021", "GG’s Workout Class", "Grooving Gee", "So Wet" ft: Mac Jovi and "Boot Me Up" ft: Sizz, all which can be found on Youtube and all social media platforms. 

“Tha Geez” will drop October 8th, so be on the lookout for that.  Remember the music is a vibe!  All I do is purposeful, every move I make will be served as a purpose.  My music will mimic lives and the art of it will bring forth life as well.  My music is honest and pure and that makes it easy for me to do what I love and that makes sense to me. "Grind, Stack, & Pray,the Bankroll Gee Way!!"

BankRoll Gee yall! BV’s hottest Artist!  Don’t be blind by the quiet, humble person, that he is because then you will miss the fire that he is spitting out!  Be sure to check him out on all platforms. Facebook: Gybc Jefe IG: 1bankrollgee Apple music and his Youtube channel Bankroll Gee.

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