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Consisting of four talented members, each with their own style, Stixx Dinero, Wugatti, Pee Rada & KMR DA Focus make up the "BanQ Boyz", who are ready to put their own stamp on the game. They are the next, up and coming group, blowing up on the hip-hop scene. The BanQ Boyz sound is a sound of their own, with

authenticity and originality. They are a 4 Man group, at a time when groups like this have become nearly extinct. Their stage presence is an exciting burst of energy. One reason for the group's success, is that they have a strong family bond and chemistry within the group. The group is made up of 3 brothers and 1 cousin. That is one of the things that makes the group’s bond unbreakable. With songs like “City Man” which has over 12 k views on YouTube, "How I Feel", which they just released 3 days ago, at the time of this writing, which has over 2 thousand views on YouTube

and growing, "Stay", "Yea Bitch" and more. we've been able to see the group's continued development the past 2 years. The BanQ Boyz represent a combination of the Old School and New School, with a flair for fashion, as they have a recently signed deal with Mauri. We talked with BOAB VP Rollie, and we discussed the Banq Boyz, Living Legend and CEO Mr. Dreisdale ( also known as Mack Da Jack'a), Mauri's, hard work, marketing and more topics Live, Tuesday September 27th, which you can watch here ----> Keep an eye out for the Banq Boyz.

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