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We spoke wit a very creative mind, to learn more about his passion and thoughts. Lets learn more from CookinupwitFo and check out links below to follow. Can you give the readers a intro to you and your name?

I go by the name of CookinUpWitFO, an entrepreneur, event space owner, producer, videographer, and advisor.

What started you on the path to where you are today?

I started on my path in music at the age of 7, playing drums, and that translated into creating music at 13. One thing led to another, picking up skills as I grew.

What were some of your inspirations then and now?

My pops was my inspiration growing up. Him being a musician, playing bass, allowed me to fall in love with music at an early age. Then I started listening to R&B music and later hip-hop. I pick up inspiration from everything. My environment inspires me the most; it gives me the drive to create things that aren't here, motivating me to put my best foot forward.

Tell us more about the “Creators Lounge”.

I created “Creators Lounge” to be a part of my family business legacy, following up behind my parents' businesses “Creative Computers” & “Creative Care”. I wanted something of my own to bring to the table. It started off as a studio and then grew into an event space business where Creators can come to create and host events.

Going back to music. Why did you stop pursuing a solo career?

I stopped pursuing music as a career when my best friend “8Big Bo” passed away. It’s like it took everything out of me on the creative side, and I kept losing all my music, so it kept pointing me in the direction of being behind the music. I found myself more behind the scenes; it seems to match my personality more.

You’re multi-talented. As a photographer, producer, engineer, and as an Artist. Did you know what you can do or did it just progress as you kept pushing forward?

Honestly, I just follow what God wants me to do. I’m a sponge, so I soak in all the knowledge I can. I pick up skills very easily, so I started adding them to my arsenal.

What are some of your most memorable moments?

My most memorable moment was when I went to Tokyo, Japan, to visit my brother in the Navy. He had artists he was managing at the time, and I had a session with them in the studio, and later they had a show. Experiencing that type of culture at an early age shaped this version of myself, just knowing there's more out there.

What is some advice that you would give to an aspiring Artist, that you wish someone would have gave to you, when you started out?

Start your brand NOW! The music should be your advertisement for your brand. You don’t make money off of music in the beginning, but if you have a brand, you can make the money to invest in your musical career. Take the stairs, because every step of the way, you will gain experience, and people pay for experience.

Which do you like better? In front of the camera or behind the scenes?

I'm definitely behind the scenes, but people always say I need to be in front more. I guess that’s something I’m working on.

Is there anything that we may have left out, that you wanna to let our readers know?

Go check out my YouTube channel @CreatorsLoungeNetwork. Follow my Instagram @CookinUpWitFO.

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