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New Bosses

Tell our readers, what DNB stands for and how did y’all come up wit the name?

DNB stands for "Developing New Bosses", and we wanted to rebrand ourselves with something that can catch the eye of everybody, I mean who doesn't want to or claim to be a boss in their own right!!

What was the motivation for starting a record label? And how many are including in the daily operations of the label?

Our motivation was God, our families, and all those artist from our city and state that didn't have the means or ability to get to those big cities and big labels. It's 3 heads of the operation, D-Dogg, Denito, and myself Lil James.

Who are the current Artists on the label?

Our current artist are Fat Boii, G-Money, and Blacc Lyriqq.

Who was your first Artist that you signed? And how did it go when DNB first


Fat Boii was our first artist. And like any business tryin to get established, it was good and bad times, but with our artist background, we had a good jump start on things when we transitioned to being the heads and managing artist, It was more so learning the business more!

Can you describe your Artists, to our readers, and what makes them stand apart from each other?

Whew!! where do I start, lol Fat Boii paints a real life picture through his lyrics, giving you an in depth look into his reality. G-Money takes you straight to the trap, but still gives you the real insight, about the losses and gains, and the up and downs of the hustle, the good and the bad! Blacc Lyriqq brings the sex appeal, with a back story which appeals to the majority of everyday women. Also, she has a battle rap background to add to her arsenal!

What do y’all look for in An Artist, when adding them to your label and getting behind them?

We look for an artist with an impeccable work ethic, I always say, grind will out work talent any day, and I stand on that, you can have the best talent in the world, but if the grind doesn't match the talent, then it will be just that, a talent you have. And yet you still have to be able to want and build something on your own, before we decide that your worth investing in

What does each of the owners, bring to the table?

Each one of us brings our own unique aspect, of course myself and D-Dogg have more expertise with us being artist before, but denito adds a hustlers ambition that enhances our already impeccable game plan, so it all works out for the better.

How has Social Media helped your reach?

For us social media has a major help in what we are tryin to accomplish, we came from an era where you have to be in these spot to actually be seen or heard, so it's helps us reach a broad audience, when we can't physically be there, but it has it downside also, cause in my opinion, it makes alot of artist lazy in some aspects.

Y’all also bring other Artist as promoters? How long have y’all been promoters and what’s one of the biggest risk, when you bring an Artist to your city to perform?

Yes we do. We have been promoting shows and parties for maybe 15 years. There is always a risk when bringing artist, but that's with any investment, you may win, you may lose, it comes down to your promotion game, and in this case, whether the artist has a fan base in the area

Is there anything that we may have left out, that you want our readers to know about DNB Entertainment??

Yea. be on the lookout for everything coming from DNB Entertainment this year and in the future, you can book studio time at our studio DNB Studios, also set up consultations, and more, also Fat Boii has 2 Ep's out now, "Underrated" and his latest one "Patiently Impatient" out on all platforms, Blacc Lyriqq has an Ep out "Reincarnated" and G-Money has Singles out now including "Hunnidz", "Amazing" and be expecting his Ep "Overcame It" set to drop Jan.31st 2024!

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