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There was a time, when Hip Hop wasn't defined by "Likes" and "Views"! Most importantly, it wasn't defined by "Shock" and or "Trollin'"!! It's definitely a different time and day but, as a long adage in Hip Hop goes, "If You're Dope, You're Dope!" So, when listening to music, we dont listen with, I suppose, today's ear. We're not just looking for the latest gossip in the music or what happened to rivals, who plan on spinnin' on each others block. We listen for Dopeness, storytelling, wordplay, etc. We ran across an Artist who definitely should have more support, just by Music alone and has a way with words, that paint visuals. We asked him a few questions to learn more and hopefully many will find their new favorite Artist. Lets Talk wit Rising Artist, Kwestion. Describe yourself with four words 

“Closer to Inner Peace” 

What were some of your influences

“My pops is one of my biggest influences, he started my musical journey when i was a kid nothing like him either! He had such a vast palette when it comes to music genres it’s one of the main reasons I became a musician and I’m versatile!! Other influences would be my Aunt Tem she took me to church when i was younger but really helped me discover more things musically through church! You know going to black churches you learn so much about theory especially at a young age so I was pretty much a sponge my entire childhood with music. Chris Davis & Cordell G are also influences that learn me into fine tuning my craft when i was around 15 years old Chris took me under his wing and taught me structure on production and Cordell (we called him 6) got me right on learning a lot on engineering) 

Where do you call home and how is the music scene there? 

I have a few places I called home I’ve lived in a few places!!! Little Rock Arkansas is where I’m from and the landscape has changed significantly! I’ve also lived in New York (The Bronx (River Dale area) & New Jersey (Jersey City).. Miami i stayed for a short minute (S/O to the grove & Dade County).. my last 10 years I was in LA and in LA it’s been a real pleasure to be in a city where you can see the Super star rap guys and know that even though I’m independent those guys are my competition even though they are major!  Back to Little Rock though we are a mixing pot sense we are in the middle of the map there are a lot of type of artist from the real street nxggas to the backpack fresh as fxck cool kids! So much talent still overlooked but we cooking in the city for sure!! 

Your have a lot of Music in your soul. Do you play other instruments or drums etc.. and when did you realize your love for music?

Funny thing is I play a few instruments Piano, Alto Saxophone & The Drums! My pops was a drummer so it’s natural i took after him with that… one day I seen Bill Clinton playing the Saxophone on an old YouTube clip and I thought that was so ill so that’s why i decided to learn the Saxophone, and i learned how to play the keys in church man a lot of that soul shit was really me in my musician days from church dawg it’s always stuck with me!! I’ve loved music from a kid!! My pops would wake up and start BBQ’n and shit but would have the 2 15in speakers outside with the old silver JVC radio junt playing everything! From N.W.A., Celly Cel, The Police, Sting, Bob Marley, Kirk Franklin pops played it all so it was just apart of my life since I was young! 

How would you describe your music, to a listener that is thinking about listening to you for the first time? 

It’s like an expensive restaurant. Everyone wants to go in but hadn’t had that experience yet but once you do you’ll never want to not experience anything less than again! All you have to do is press play!

What project do you have out currently and are you working on any new projects? 

I dropped a single not long ago called “It’s Only” just me flexing as a wordsmith trying different cadences and flows entendres and metaphors sometimes I just like to rap rap to let them know they not good enough with their pen. It’s refreshing to not have to rely on street rhetoric to be on the scene!! I’m currently working on a project called “Heart On My Sleeve” the title could change but I got some Shxt on my chest I need to clear the air of a few things so more than likely this will be towards the end of the year of early 2024!

Music has taken you to many places. Where have you been able to perform at or tour? 

Man Australia I’ve been twice and this second time I was gone almost a month it was surreal!! Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, were a few places the tour was set one of the best places I’ve been! They really show a lot of love over there!!! S/O to my guy Avery Harden for including me on the ticket definitely a blessing to see a different side of the world!!! Next year I’ll be back and also Africa (Ghana) started the preparations already it’s going to be a great year 

How has social media helped or hurt your Career and do you have any advice for younger up n coming Artist? 

Social media sometimes can make you feel less than because it’s core job is to feed you images however it’s connected me to some of the dopest people in the world!!! You just have to keep consistent and you can be a light don’t ever lose sight of your dream!!!

What has been some of most stand out moments, in your career? 

Besides touring, Last year I did my first Fresh Air concert and man It was so much love i shed a few tears dawg!! People really rock with you and know the material it’s a blessing to sell out shows that you put together with your own rules and ideas is crazy but we made that shxt happen!! Thank you to B Mac, Bj Soulē, Olanzo Carver, Stoney Jackson for holding it down at Fresh Air the next one will be crazy!

Is there anything that we may have left out, that you want readers to know about you or your Music? for the latest updates from me. for all the merchandise, tap in, shop with me.  Also, if you need beats, I got you but they not cheap tap in! 

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