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Creator of BeGenius, RushDee Williams is blazing his own path thru the industry

RushDee Williams, Multi Platinum Producer, as well as Manager of Multi Platinum Producers, continues to shake up the industry. Placement after Placement, project after project. RushDee and BeGenius continue to push forward. Along with his partner DJay Cas, as well as his Brother , Photographer, Juma, they continue to break barriers.

As much as you see RushDee and his success, he is also a humble Man, and community oriented, who has been placed in a position that no one would wish for. Of course, many would love the accolades he has received. Yet, RushDee, while maintaining his success and building upon it, has also had to be there for his children and family even more. As with the painful and saddening passing of Kiera, who was running her own successful business, RushDee's children lost their Mother. That is a hard feeling for any child, even many grown ups, to lose their Mother. RushDee is there for his children and continuing their growth but that pain may never subside, as Kiera seemed to be very impactful to him, as well as their children.

From a distance, I can only keep their family in my prayers and wish that everyone else does the same. As RushDee balances the pains of Life and the tragic passing of a beautiful soul, Kiera , with his career moving forward. He has continued to create and with placements for the BeGenius camp ranging from the upcoming NBA 2K23, to songs like "Demonstration" and "Love Liberates" on the latest Ace Hood project. RushDee has been featured in Vice to Revolt TV, where on Revolt TV RushDee and DJay Cas spoke on creating the music of Nipsey's classic "Keys 2 the City." Stay tuned because the bar continues to be reset.

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