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Thawed Magazine's
Art Review:
The Black Hand Side

Saginaw's cultural arts scene just got a huge boost

Written by Jeffrey R. Bulls

Saginaw's cultural arts scene got a huge boost just recently. A much needed, long overdue infusion of blackness on display at the Saginaw Art Museum on Feb 2nd entitled "The Black Hand Side." Kevin Jones is the curator of the exhibit, with artistic contributions from co-curator Nyesha Clark-Young, Devaughn Collins and a host of others as part of a greater mission, dubbed by Kevin as "Blactiquing." Antiquing specifically within the black cultural experience. Traveling the world over, finding artifacts and items to create a conversation piece around blackness.

As I entered the museum for the exhibit, I felt something that I hadn't in a long time. It was like my ancestors were surrounding me. It felt Felt like home. Then I saw the installation & knew why.

Beautiful pictures and art adorned the walls of the exhibit. It felt like my grandmother's house. Pictures of loved ones and sculptures. Paintings. Knick knacks. Quilts. Familiarity tickled my senses. I took a breathtaking walk through our culture, piece by piece, each one creating a thought bubble, a conversation or emotional attachment.

Suffice it to say, the exhibit was everything. It's a must see.

"The Black Hand Side" exhibit will be on site through April 8th at the Saginaw Art Museum on Michigan Avenue. Check it out. It's an experience unlike any other.

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