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42 Dugg's "Soon" Music Video, drops right after his Arrest by the Feds

Written by: India

Dion Marquis Hayes, also known as his artist name, 42 Dugg, was recently arrested in Michigan on May 5th 2022 at Willow Run Airport. As He never showed up to a West Virginia federal prison to serve a six month jail sentence for illegal firearm possession.

42 Dugga was born in Detroit, on the eastside near Wayburn Street and Whittner Ave. At the age of 15, he was incarcerated and this is when he started practicing writing lyrics. He served four years and was then released at the age of 22 .

"Free Dem Boyz" Debuted at #8 on "The Top Billboard 100". 42 Dugga signed with Lil Baby's Label 4 Pockets Full. He is also signed with Yo Gotti and Interscope Records. Dugga Collaborated with Lil Baby On " We Paid" and "Grace". Then after, he released a mix tape called "Young And Turnt 2".

42 Dugga now faces a 5 year prison sentence, if convicted. Despite his current legal issues, he has a net worth of two million and just released a New Single "Soon" featuring Arabian.

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