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42 Dugg

Welcome Home Event

Photos Courtesy of Billy "Zookie" Ware

42 Dugg touchdown and did it in a major way. With his Hometown, Detroit Michigan. With the Detroit Lions making history, it was only fitting to use "touchdown" as the description. It was a show of shows, that would be the same no matter what city or state it was in. It set social media ablaze and 42 Dugg had a who's who of performers and creatives. It was a show for the city as many described it. As 42 Dugg was happy to be home and back to doing what he loved, yet, the present may have actually been for those in attendance. Wit Artists and creatives popping up from Jeezy, Dej Loaf, Wallo and Gillie from "Million Dollaz Worth of Game", to Lil Durk and of course Team Eastside and DoughBoyz Cashout and more. It was also the first event for Yo' Gotti since his brother was killed on Saturday January 13th where Mims was attending a repass, following the funeral of a relative. You can see more pictures of the event by clicking on IG link below of Mr. Ware.

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