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Get Rich or Die Tryin' turns 20 years old and is still one of the most impactful debuts of All Time in Music!!

Thawed Media

As Hip Hop turns 50 this year, a Hip Hop Classic was released 20 years ago, on this day February 6, 2003, by Interscope Records, Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, Eminem's Shady Records, and 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. In the early 2000's, 50 Cent staked his claim as Hip Hop Royalty, with Get Rich or Die Tryin', yet his potential for it, was seen by many years prior. As many, like myself who followed Onyx, noticed on a track entitled "React". Yet many of us didnt know exactly who 50 was. Later, we found out more with "How to Rob". "How to Rob' was off his unreleased, yet HEAVILY bootlegged "Power of the Dollar", which yes I had then. Many didnt know then, that it wasn't Officially released while listening to it.

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' became a Worldwide Hit as tracks like "In Da Club' became a singular force itself. But it didn't stop wit "In Da Club', as "Many Men" is arguably the standout, which with "In Da Club", was a task within itself. As a Bonus release, "Wanksta" sealed the deal and turned Momentum into a Movement. 50 Cent wasn't going to be stopped and his debut put the whole Culture on notice. And even as 50 Cent still maintains over 28 Million listeners a Month on Spotify alone, Millions of views on almost any site that carries music, 50 Cent put the World on notice with Get Rich or Die Tryin' and 20 years later, maintains a strangle hold, that has went beyond Music. 50 years of Hip Hop and its been a sight to behold!

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