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When is enuff, enuff

Perkio, the Lil Durk look-a-like had to release an explanation earlier, of a viral video that shows 6ix9ine and a crew, wrapping a coat with the late M.C. from Chicago, King Von's image on the back of the coat. You can see, as one of 6ix9ine's entourage, draps the jacket over Perkio's shoulders, as the camera pans to the back of the coat. In an attempt to troll Lil Durk, with the now deceased King Von, as well as numerous trollings, 6ix9ine doesn't seem to feel a need to let up. Is it for publicity? To sale ...MUSIC?? Or something else? Who knows but 6ix9ine, as far as, whatever is the root and how much is it an issue. Yet, when is enuff, enuff!?

6ix9ine has had many court problems, as the world already knows. He's been sued and claimed bankruptcy, as well as his well documented past. Yet, bringing in Perkio, to an unknowing, (or did he know?) situation because he looks like Lil Durk, shows we may only be seeing a new kick up. The dust wont even settle, before it's some more dirt kicked up again. Yet, again, is this just to sell music?? As Youtuber, Stevewilldoit has also been named, so is it for views?? The motivations can be endless but is this just where we are at, for people to be entertained?

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