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Robert Simms

Thank You Champ for chatting wit Us!! Can you give us a little insight into your mindset, before your Nov. 4th boxing match that will be Nationally televised on ESPN, against Brandon Moore?

I know that this fight is a very important fight for me. When I win, the opportunities for bigger fights will be right on the table and I will be ready for any challenge.

When going into a fight of this magnitude, do you train differently or as you normally would?

This is actually the longest time I had to prepare for one opponent and this camp we took a different approach. We definitely turned up in this camp and added more tools to the kit.

You battled back from a bout with depression after winning the WBC-USNBC Heavyweight title, Correct? Dealing wit a torn Meniscus, Surgery and Your Son getting sick. With many of Us fighting thru Depression, what can you tell many out there, about fighting thru it all to keep pushing forward?

When you're at your darkest point, the only way out is the light. I talked to God and my wife a lot about things that had me down. It's definitely the first time in my life that I felt depression. I definitely know how people feel now but if u don't have anyone to talk to, definitely find a close friend, God or a therapist. Most of the time u just want someone to listen.

You rep and promote Saginaw with Pride!! What does it mean to you, when the city shows that love back?

It feels great to know that the city is behind me. I didn't graduate from Saginaw high or Arthur hill but I did live in the heart of Saginaw(Hazelwood) but usually if u not from one of them schools they won't mess with you lol. But to get the support from the city means the world to me because it's already hard to get the city to believe in you before u make it.

Wishing you the Best Mr. Simms and We appreciate your time Champ!! We know time is precious!! We look forward to your Nov. 4th Fight and hopefully get a more in-depth interview with you soon.

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