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As Hip Hop closes in on 50, the rise continues!! While many want to see it end, yesterday showed... it's just the beginning!!

As Hip Hop closes in on 50 years, where ground zero is widely considered to be it's birth in 1973 with DJ Kool Herc, the growth seems endless. Who knew back then, what was considered a "Back to School Jam", thrown by his sister Cindy in a small apartment, would turn into this massive, global and world leader in music. Even as the years turned, Hip Hop has always had to fight for it's respect. A culture began but it's roots are deeply planted in the music. Birthed from the streets, its been thru many changes, shifts and designs of being destroyed by the very ones who would never understand it. Hip Hop has persevered and each year, has become stronger, as more generations, stack upon past generations. When Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop, Mary J. Blige the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent joined together to do what hasn't been done before, it was just another moment that Hip Hop shined. Of Course, its some who will complain or don't like Hip Hop period, but that number has decreased, each year, as the hate within their hearts dies or something dies. Which ever one comes first.

The first 50 years, of course coincides, with so much struggle and pain that America created. Or atleast played a part in, by not stopping or controlling, many of the travesties in America that has been voiced within the music. From the days of the Civil Rights era, to Police Brutality, Classism, and more. So of course, Hip Hop is America's creation, as well. In many ways, not just that Americans, nor just Jamaican-Americans or African-Americans etc, but AMERICANS released a lot of their pain and hurt, disappointment and even dreams of achieving a piece of the Apple Pie by any means, thru their music. Whether it was partying music, Trap Music, Gangsta Rap, Soul, Conscious, Rap-Rock and on, many of the themes in the songs, were based on the treatment or lack thereof, while living in America.

Even as Hip Hop has become increasingly more mainstream, and MC Hammer would have eaten well nowadays, Hip Hop is still the voice of the streets. And even as many Artists can't create a whole song without referencing a gun, murder or drugs, it still has climbed higher within the mainstream. As more Legends are birthed, while Living Legends grow older, Hip Hop is shaping up nicely for its next 50 years. And the Super Bowl Halftime show, was just a taste and it's many, who cant stand Hip Hop, that have no voice right now or you can barely hear their groans. And most likely, the next 50, they'll be totally drowned out as Tik Tok, IG and every Social Media Platform continues to be dominated by the Music, Hip Hip!!

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