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Community responds to a local Business over an incident they had with
Multi Platinum Producer,
RushDee Williams.

A  Local business in Saginaw, Michigan has fired one of its Managers after poor customer service.  Not just poor customer service, but going as far as calling the Police, after the Business got the customers order wrong and did not rectify the situation by providing the customer the order that he ordered.  Words were exchanged and the customer overheard a racial slur.  The Customer, as the business called him, is a Multi Platinum and Billboard Chart topping Producer named RushDee Williams.  A soft spoken Man, yet somehow fit the old narrative of a Tall (6'6) Black Man that is angry.  How many times have we heard that, throughout America's History?  As the Manager called the police, RushDee decided that history wasn't on his side and left and used social media as his voice instead of, well, prolonging a disagreement on his order, that turned into a Manager using the Police as a weapon.  RushDee Williams describes the situation from his viewpoint via Social Media. 

That post garnered over 300 shares, as many in the Saginaw Community were disgusted that any person supporting a business, could have that business get their order wrong and then tell them they can't do anything about it and lastly, call the police and say the customer doesn't want to pay for their order.  WoW!!  Yes, that read as such, that the customer didn't want to pay for an order, that he didn't order because the order was not the order, he placed.  hmmm.   RushDee detailed in one of his post, that he heard the Manager had "just called me a “Cr-ck head black B—ch”.  He also detailed that he received a phone call that named another Manager, "Jim said they’re well aware of the situation and they got statements from all employees confirming Joe’s story that I escalated the situation and their establishment will be filing a restraining order on me."  RushDee just so happens to be a Multi-Platinum Producer, who has worked with Numerous Artists ranging from Lil Wayne to Nipsey Hussle and also Manages Artists and DJ's with Platinum Credits, as well as a Community Activists and Business Owner himself of BeGenius Records and BeGenius Clothing.

It's not unheard of, for a Business or let alone Humans in general, to make mistakes, but having been in Retail for the last 6 years, as well as a Manager, it seems absurd to FORCE a customer to pay for an order that he didn't order.  Or maybe that's not as common sense, as one would think.  Having read many comments on the situation, the community seems to be overwhelmingly disgusted. YET, and of course its always that "Yet" or "but" that seems to come.  There are some who have thrown out generalizations like "He must have had a warrant."  In one group, "Saginaw Neighborhood Watch/News", adminstrator turned off comments citing " started being about Politics..."  I think many of us know what that means, as another member of that group stated ..."the comment area is a good representation of Saginaw...", as the comments started turning into trolling as well as typical American Bigotry, as the judgements were not based on the individual but generalizations of the Evil creations of America's hatred.  It would seem, maybe, too simple to just issue an apology.   Even if it's to ALL of their customers instead of the Owner telling the news channel  “I’ve got a customer, that’s not happy with us, I’ve got a manager not doing his job,” said Good Time’s Pizza owner, Brian Franks." or “I am sorry that that customer was treated the way he was he should not have been talked to that way. I don’t care what the problem was,” Franks said. “We want everybody that walks in here to get the same great service the same great product regardless of who they are. ”   Owner did state via abc 12 News that he did not speak to the customer involved, yet also states “When we talk to the employees I read the gentleman’s Facebook post. So I saw what his point of view was."  So that says, he seen his name and how to reach him if needed.  Maybe he didn't see a need, "But says he wants all of his customers to know the actions of one person, does not represent the kind of business he wants to provide to a community he’s been a part of for nearly 40 years."  Everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt but America's history says, many will not.

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