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Coi Leray goes viral almost every day but album sales has sparked her rebuttal

Written by Thawed Media

As projected album says have been floating, Coi Leray's doubters have used her 11k projected sales as another trolling point. Coi Leray cryptically responded with a Instagram post with the caption "11k disss ZdiCKKKKK.." and on twitter she tweeted "God has been the best Father to me. I can't complain about anything My debut album is amazing and not one song can you say is bad. It been 5 days. I understand Coi Leray is so viral and works good on blogs headlines but trust me, it's all part of the game just ride out andstayfocus"

Part of that is, what is stated, as being taunted by her own Father, Benzino. Their relationship has been touched on by blogs and even by the two, as Coi Leray even stated on her Viral Hit song "No More Parties", in the first verse from 2021 ... "I'm too busy getting this money, counting this cheddar (Counting this cheddar) My daddy let me down, but I promise you, I won't let up (I won't lеt up), I wanna say fuck that man but the shit won't make me bеtter (Make me better), Me and my brother still beefin' right now, 'cause he ain't get that letter, Numb to the pain Yeah, and I'm like yeah Fuck everybody, yeah, I can't trust nobody

I ain't even really tryna party Don't invite me to no party.."

Of course, this new episode seemed to start as DJ Akademics shared a tweet about Coi Leray's 11k projected album sales for the 1st week. Then an account popped up seeming to mock Coi's sales that had her Father's name. Benzino addressed that on twitter with.. "2 all u goofy mf in internet land, Instagram took down my “@iambenzino” page a year ago. Then the last 2 months someone else pops up with

@iambenzino ” They’re even clowning me on that page. All you mfs who came at me cause you thought it was me keep that same energy when I see u" and "I lost @iambenzino a year ago on IG. I lost 1.3 million followers. They must have shut my page down then put the name back out there. I been reported that page months ago on benzinos_legendary which they just shut down days ago @benzino .Scott is what I’m using now and also "My legal team is about to go hammer time on anyone who has defamed my name and legacy. You the Tasha K situation right? Ok watch this. Have fun now, pay later. Oh yea and why would I laugh at Coi? She’s one the best things that I am. I very proud of her and her accomplishments"

With all that Coi Leray has accomplished, even if their relationship isn't the best, as well as Benzino's "Bad Guy of Hip Hop" persona, I don't see Benzino mocking something as trivial. As he addressed fans about it, many fans won't look at the totality and will still question if his account was actually hacked.

As Coi celebrates her new Album release, expect her to continue to be a viral sensation, that will not bend to trollers or haters.

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