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Back and forth between DJ Akademiks to LL Cool J stirs up the Hip Hop Community

DJ Akademiks is known for "stirring" the pot. In today's media, it would be known as "Troll Media" or rather, that's just my coin phrase of it. So, if you hear that term after you read this, you know where it came from. But it's basically that. Many will call it "Shock Jock", which many my age or around that age, may automatically picture Howard Stern, when that's said. Recently, DJ Akademiks stated on a twitch live that "Have you seen any of these old rappers who be like, yo.. they're the foundation of Hip Hop, really living good? Dem MFs be looking really dusty!! I kid you not. And don't none of yall come for me cause I dont care what none of yall think either: I'm just gon tell yall the truth." And to be fair, it is a small clip of what he said but it doesn't seem to be out of context. Artists from LL Cool J, Royce Da 5'9 to Busta Rhymes responded in some fashion. LL had a IG Live response and DJ Akademiks may have sounded really harsh, as he likes to "shock" and he's made good money from it. Not from any music or any DJ'ing or talent that's comppares to the very Foundation he attacked. Yet, it also should raise awareness, that the game that many Artists did for the Love, to help lay the FOUNDATION, didn't exactly pay well at their time. As Charlamagne noted, the conversation should be, "How do we help the founding Fathers of Hip Hop"? Fans went on to bash and even clown DJ Akademiks and it may be warranted as Akademiks' name has been floating around in many ways lately. From Calling Lil Wayne's daughter a "B" to a back n forth with NLE Choppa. DJ Akademiks isn't just reporting on artists. It seems he is interjecting his life Or dreams of... into what he does. Did Ak want to be a Rapper?? That maybe another discussion.

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