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The core of Hip Hop, is what DJ Kay Slay would be considered to be

DJ Kay Slay, Mr. Keith Grayson, battled Covid for atleast four months before his passing away on Easter Sunday, April 17th 2022. From Wack 100 to even Verzuz battles, DJ Kay Slay's battle was documented and to many in the Hip Hop community, just felt it was a matter of time before DJ Kay Slay would be right back and working. Yet, on Easter the Hip Hop community was rocked by his death.

DJ Kay Slay began in one of Hip Hop's original elements, that many might forget about and that was as a Graffiti Artist most notably under the tag "Dez". His roots in Hip Hop go back further then 1983 when he was featured in a Hip Hop documentary called "Style Wars". 39 years later, DJ Kay Slay has touched Music, Event Promotions, Magazines with the creation of "Straight Stuntin' Magazine", and more. Many may know him more as a DJ, "The Drama King", who had many beefs within the industry, start or end on his Mixtapes. He released his first mixtape, "The Streetsweeper Vol. 1 in 2003, he released well over 40 combined Mixtapes and Albums.

Hip Hop was DJ Kay Slay's whole life!! He embodied all of the original elements, Graffiti, DJ, Rapper, B-Boy. And with his business sense, he continued to grow.

Rest in Love to a Legend and a Hip Hop Icon that, as the more they look at his body of work, of well over 40 years, will be truly looked at as a Hip Hop blueprint and Inspiration to the Youth!!

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