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As Draymond Green celebrated, many quickly began to ask Hall of Fame questions

With the clock ticking down on another NBA season, as the Warriors finished off the Boston Celtics, 103 to 90, many pundits, fans and a lot of critics began to ask a question. Is Draymond Green a Hall of Famer?? As sports groups and Sports fans the world over, the hot topic wasn't the MVP discussion or even what happened to Jayson Tatum in this series. A polarizing figure grabbed many headlines, as his Family and friends, as well as his city of Saginaw, Michigan watched and cheered, as Draymond Green and the Warriors cemented their place in HISTORY with their 4th NBA Title in the last 8 years!! An ICON that has reached a pinnacle that no Sports Figure from Saginaw has seen before. As I can't recall and I've researched and couldn't find a player considered or inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame with Saginaw ties. And Saginaw has a Rich and Great History when it comes to Basketball and Sports in General. So much Talent, yet If anyone reading, finds more information , let us know.

There are many Sports Fans who criticize Green's scoring ability, as so many only see when the basket goes thru the rim and nothing else. Yet, it'll always be some GREAT NBA scorers that will never enter the Hall of Fame or even considered. They may even criticize his "antics" and call him emotional. But they never question his heart and will to win? Because from Day one, Draymond has given all he has to the game of basketball. Once considered chubby, he toned and worked his body to compete at it's peak ability. He was never considered the most Athletic in a league where you have to be athletic or the fans, media and sports talkers may say you can't play in this era of basketball. Nevermind Basketball IQ. They may even say he fell into a perfect spot and system even as the Warriors had a record of 23-43 when Green was drafted in 2012 as a 2nd round pick. Yes, the Warriors are a team and have arguably the Greatest shooter EVER in Steph Curry but we've also seen players like Bradley Beal put up huge numbers and go no where. The Warriors have great coaching, great shooting with Curry, Klay, Poole, Wiggins and on and most importantly, TEAM chemistry. Yet, Also drafted that year, Harrison Barnes was a 1st round 7th overall pick. Festus Ezeli was the 30th overall pick and Ognjen Kuzmic was 52nd. Green not only became a CORE member of the Warriors with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson but Green also became "THE GLUE" even as he wasn't expected to be this position when he was drafted from Michigan State. He's outlasted many of the Warrior draft picks from that year til this day, as one that was counted out from almost day one.

And Now... He has 4 NBA Titles, 4 NBA All Star Appearances, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, 4x NBA All Defensive Team, NBA Defensive player of the year (2017), All NBA second Team (2016), All NBA Third Team (2017), NBA Steals Leader (2017) and he's still in his prime and while in college, he won the NABC National Player of the year (2012), Consensus First Team All-American, and he also won TWO High School titles. He's won at EVERY Level, for any of the "Its the NBA Hall of Fame!!" I hate to tell you but....'s the BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME!!!!

Hall of Fame!! It's still in question for some. Can you believe that one!! They must be trollin'!!!

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