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"Why Not Start" sets Social Media on fire

"Gifted Hands", born Immanuel Mitchell, 27, an aspiring rapper from Virginia Beach continuously plays reactions from his supporters, as they listen or sing along with the lyrics from his song, "Why Not Start", as the song grows daily. Lyrics like...“The biggest smile on my face when I’m around/You can’t really tell that I’m hurtin'/Really do my best 'when out in public, keep my head from tiltin down/But deep inside, I feel like a burden..” or “Safe to say I found my rhythm!/Don’t you dare feel sorry for me,/I am not a victim.." And then there's my favorite line because I've always done it since forever... "And Lord knows, I can’t be upset/cause every single time, somebody tries to help/I change the subject"!

On a daily basis since he dropped the hot single that went viral, you can see many duets of people who feel every lyric that's dropped, from Instagram to Tik Tok on. One snippet of the video on Tik Tok topped over 1.7 Million views in less then 2 Months. 5.5 Million views collectively across all platforms so far and that is probably not including supporters posting the video to their pages. the song is over 161 thousand views, on the "My Block Live" youtube page, that seemed to spark the viral movement. On Spotify, he is averaging 57 thousand plus listeners monthly. The Lyrics are relatable to so many and has a natural energy, that doesn't seem contrived and has lifted many spirits, right on time.

Gifted Hands was born without physical hands but has touched so many with his music in such a short amount of time. But what may seem like a one hit wonder that came from nowhere, really is an Artist with a talent for words and music. If many take the time to listen to his songs and listen, his wordplay stands out: Like "Im not callin' nobody crazy but we all cycle paths.." and he seems like an artist who can spit fire right in front of you with no hesitation. Naturally!! Scrollin' his music, Hip Hop heads will rock to it. As "Why Not Start" is a song that you "Feel" but don't sleep on "Gifted Hands'" music that also drops lyrical haymakers.

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