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Gucci Mane drops response diss video "Publicity Stunt"

Everywhere you turn, rappers have been dying at what seems like, 1 or two Artists dying a month, and that seems to be rising. Just at the end of February, Snootie Wild, former CMG Artist passed away. Rest in Peace Snootie Wild. It's becoming too many Artists to even name, as we lost many fast rising talented Artist like Mo3, King Von, Wavy Navy Pooh, J Stash, TDott Woo and more

That hasn't stopped the latest circle of beefing between some of the most watched Artists of this era. As NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk's beef intensify, NBA Youngboy's song "I Hate Youngboy" sprayed, not dropped, more gasoline on the fire. As well did Lil Durk's "Ah Haa", but moreso, NBA Youngboy's, as he seemingly brought separate issues with older Artists like Gucci Mane and Boosie into the equation. Lil Durk posted on his IG story, "Ahh Haaaaaa" while a tag of Laflare1017, Gucci's IG, which Akademiks posted on his IG page..

Gucci Mane's response "Publicity Stunt", where it was obvious and especially as it ended, left no doubt of who he was talking about. "I thought you felt like Gucci Mane in 2006, Well Dam!" Bossie dropped his, called "I don't call phones I call shots", where you hear that raw old school Lil Boosie, as he raps, " If you felt dat way, why you ain't call me on my phone number/ Bi7ch you kno you wrong, playing all these ni77as songs, don't wanna clear a ni77a song/ but fakin like you a Ni77a Dawg/ Dats that fake shit, don't speak on me no mo' lil ni77a, you kno I don't go for dat/Lets keep it real dawg, you was a ho3 for dat.." Boosie seems to be woken up as the track is fire!!

I'm sure this isn't the end, as many already know about the Lil Durk, King Von (R.I.P.), NBA Youngboy, Quando Rondo and more, circle of beef. Seems like more names are added each month and the Rap game already lost King Von, so the aim should be to keep it on wax, as the long standing saying in Hop Hop and rap beef goes. But that seems harder to do with this internet era, and especially when you look at all the Artist's involved. Music wise, look at the top trending videos on Youtube and you'll see all you need to see, as 6 of the top 10 videos on the tube involves NBA Youngboy, Lil Durk, and Gucci Mane. Add in the fact of Da Baby and NBA Youngboy collab and these Artists are currently dominating listeners interest.

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