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Many have said, that Hip Hop is not and never will be the same. It can be traced to the Pac vs Biggie saga and that every time Rappers COMPETE WITH words/Bars, violence is bound to be right behind it.

This Era had its chance at a Hip Hop Battle, to compete with any Hip Hop battle. And, it fizzled out before it even began.

The "Control" moment lead to many impressive bars and from a host of Emcees, but it wasn't a Historical battle in it. Just many battles that immortalized the Song that started it. Yet, Hip Hop heavyweights going at it WIT BARS, that are TRULY bar heavy, toe to toe? Even Nostalgic and born Hip Hop'ers, to Mainstream onlookers, were peaking and ready to pick who they thought would out bar the other. It was something brewing, that you could even see a Pay per View eventually coming. Maybe even more, and that BAR heavy spitters were back to take over the reigns of the game, from many that have high levels of Entertainment n Business, yet Bar light. This was beginning to look like the Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee Starski moment, that changed and elevated Lyricist MCs over Party MC's.

It was aimed to be a Drake (Busy Bee) vs K Dot (Kool Moe) battle. K Dot dropped a subliminal verse but the BIG 3 bar was a lit match, that set off a fire inside J Cole, that made him respond. Drake not so much. Drake has battled but he is more of a entertaining MC, that you can even say, is an Artist that can battle if he wants to (See Meek Mill). But this wasn't a, let's get the party started battle. And J. Cole, many including myself, felt like if ANYBODY stood a chance vs K Dot, that it would be... Cole World.

Yet, after hearing J. Cole's response in "7 Minute Drill", I didnt feel that was the Bar heavy Cole. He dipped into a different emotion and the bars reflected it. The chorus alone, said "Gangsta Rap".

"Light work like it's PWC

It's a cold world, keep the heat under your seat

I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissin'

You want some attention, it come with extensions

My dog like, "Say the word," he on bullshit, he itchin'

Done put in so much work in these streets, he got pension

I told him chill out, how I look havin' henchman?

If shots get to poppin', I'm the one doin' the clenchin"

When I heard that and possibly how Cole is saying some of his "Dogs" felt or said "say the word... well... we know that he prolly wish he didnt go to those extremes atleast at this moment, for someone he said he admired. Not when its a light verse and subliminals that J Cole didnt even know, how much was even directed at him by K Dot.

Yet, J. Cole continued after the chorus with " I came up in the 'Ville, so I'm good when it's tension/ He still doin' shows, but fell off like the Simpsons

Your first shit was classic, your last shit was tragic/Your second shit put niggas to sleep, but they gassed it.."

Lets just say, J. Cole didn't even believe himself or what came out of his mouth. He might even have said, "I'm Cappin"!! This ain't me. and did I mention "sleepy, which so many have thrown at me for over my career?""

So, if you break it down because that was ONLY the chorus and a few lines that I introduced and maybe we can all understand why J. Cole bowed out early and apologized to K Dot and his own Fans. But that will always leave a sour taste in the mouths, of all the J. Cole fans that went to bat against K Dot fans and that felt, J Cole was the one to let K Dot "have it"

Who knows now, of what could have been. Maybe we won't even see K Dot for a while as he loves the competition as he is a student of the Art. That he may get bored, that he can't get a good battle, that can propel him to that unknown level, that only a few attained in Hip Hop. I guess we'll see, what K Dot's nex move or guest appearance will be. Here's hoping he wants to drop SOMETHING musically as he maybe even disappointed at how this turned out, as a Hip Hop head himself. Lets Get it Bro"

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