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J Prince and Offset address each other as the Back and forth continues

Thawed Media

As many in the Hip Hop Culture mourn TakeOff's untimely death, the issues within the Migos camp continue to play out publicly. As headlines stated that Offset and Quavo had a tense moment during the Grammy's for TakeOffs tribute. Also, as Wallo and Gillie of "Million Dollars Worth of Game", interviewed Living Legend, J. Prince, it started to look like it was just the beginning.

As many of Us hope, that this will die down as today, J. Prince issued a response to a response on Instagram.

Not long after, Offset tweeted on Twitter...

Let's pray that all parties can keep the peace as The Culture lost TakeOff and many Family, Friends and Fans are still mourning his passing. J. Prince is a well Respected and Legendary Figure. Migos is a world renowned Group with many accomplishments and for the Culture, many may love the drama that is ensuing. Yet, the Community doesn't need more seperation. We're already seperated by so much.

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