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Kanye West's documentary is a must see. Not just for Hip Hop'ers, but for everyone.

Whether you're a fan of Hip Hop, rap or even just music in general, hate him or love him, Kanye West is must see TV!! Whether its music, his Yeezy Brand, or sadly, battles with Kim Kardashian and even watching his new girlfriend Chaney Jones, who they labeled as a Kim K clone, America can't stop watching Kanye, his life and anyone involved within his life.

In comes, Jeen-Yuhs, a Netflix documentary. It is a documentary filmed by Coodie and Chike, geniuses in their own right as well. This film was in the process for over 20 years, which either shows lottery luck or pure genius, as Coodie began filming Kanye West and his meteoric rise. It's an American story, even as some may try to label it different. It's the exact type of the story, that some may love, bash or hate and call it "Polarizing". Yet, it's a Man, with Super human abilities when it comes to music, fashion and a sense of himself. Many believe Kanye changed with Superstardom but if you watched Kanye early on, you know he didn't change, many around and watching him, did.

Kanye West, has always had a supreme confidence in himself and the documentary, let's people in to his world, which some may use their feelings to judge the Man. Does Kanye West's supreme confidence in a field like entertainment, seem weird or odd to you? Where a man encountered the likes of Jay-Z, Dame Dash, and more AFTER he had battled his way up from the Chicago underground music scene! Where even Kanye reminisces about the time he lost his first Rap Battle in the documentary. If you're not confident in yourself, then the entertainment business may not be the right place for you.

Yet, Kanye Artist!! Many who are confident and who some may feel are too confident. But it's one thing to be confident in your ability and another to be confident, while knowing you don't have the ability, you think you have. Add in the fact, that for years, I've stated many Artist, not just the greatest, have to deal with so many internal issues especially mental health, that it comes out in their talents. While on the other hand, its most likely the same amount or more in fact, that jail or prison captured. Many who battle the same mental health issues that Kanye spoke on in the documentary. Even if it's just how much you weight, addiction to pills in Kanye's case, being diagnosed bipolar or just how you see "reality".. It's a fine line as once stated, between Genius and Insanity. Mental Health issues is a real battle.

If you haven't already, and we're sure millions have and most likely millions more either heard or know about the doc, but don't just watch it as a fan. Try to watch the struggles of an Artist in general that is trying to be heard, struggles with a Parent dying, all the while keeping your sites on what you feel you deserve, as many wan't to stop you. It's a complex, yet human desire to "win" that not everyone will be able to "Win" by the time it's all said and done.

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