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Joe Rogan comes under fire, again!! As J. Prince, India Arie and more issue statements online.

Written by Jeremy "J-Jack" Jackson

Spotify's Billionaire CEO has come under fire for his continued use of the "N" word and we're not talking about the one that rhymes with Jigga.  As Artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Nils Lofgren, David Crosby, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills pulled their music off of Spotify a few weeks ago, the latest Artist, India Arie decided to pull her music off Spotify amid the recent controversy from Rogan.  She also posted a clip of his use of the word, in a video clip that went viral. spouting the word in weird context, over 22 times.  The context within the video. with the hard "R" isnt enticing to say the least.  India Arie has also been getting a lot of harsh, racially motivated insults on her facebook page since she posted the viral video of Joe Rogan

           Legend J. Prince, on Instagram, spoke up for Rogan by typing in a post "Joe Rogan is not a racist. I know this brother..."  We do not believe this will be the end of this controversy, even as more damage control will be used, then the NFL's Coaching Hiring process, that is going on currently.

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