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One of the Hottest Female Rappers that keeps social media ablaze
Jucee Froot connects with
Hustle Gang's own T.I.

Consistent and spittin' hot ish on the mic, seems to be this Artist's mission. And she is accomplishing that goal, as many from all over the Hip Hop community has taken notice. In fact, even before these moments, she was on the radar of Millions. She signed with Atlantic Records and things didnt work out, but it didn't stop her, as she came back even stronger. From Tik Tok to Instagram, Jucee Froot has set social media on fire. She has over 350 Videos on YouTube and many have seen and watched her grow, with many videos. Some dating back over 11 years ago. She created the theme song to the series "P-Valley" called "Down in the Valley". She has also contributed to the soundtrack for "Birds of Prey" and "Insecure" and she has a list of credits and songs, that are definitely noteworthy.

Yet, a few hours ago, on Instagram, T.I. was on and he started pointing and guess who came out. Jucee Froot and the song they leaked, sounded like fire. On her IG post, many like Tech N9ne, Fat Joe, to DJ Paul left comments, emojis to support. Jucee went hard on the mic and T.I. was on his T.I. and many of the lyrics seemed like they were influenced by his latest run in, with Charleston White. If you missed it, can watch the video below. Can also watch a video of when Thawed Magazine covered a Jucee Froot show, where she came off stage and joined the crowd in the center and performed right in front of the Thawed Magazine camera.

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