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Kanye West remains in the
headlines but more so for controversial remarks
this past few months

It's hard to figure out, as Kanye West seems to remain in the media eye. From news articles, podcasts to social media. It seems like, everyone is seeing or hearing about Kanye. Even more so lately, or well, since he split from Kim Kardashian. Whether it's been about their relationship or lack of, to parental issues between the two, to just Kanye voicing his opinion on media platforms like Tucker Carlson to Drink Champs. It's seemingly confusing, to many, as to Kanye's intent. Many have debated, not just him wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt but also his models have been on the receiving end of harsh comments, who appeared in his Paris Fashion show like Bob Marley's Granddaughter Selah Marley. Selah received a lot of criticism, as well as Jada Smith having walked out of Kanye's Paris Fashion show week. In which Kendall Jenner subtly supported Jaden walking out. It's been a circle of confusion. It's created so many divides and the latest divide is with George Floyd's Family for Kanye. Now, remember, for context, it's the same Kanye that made a $2 Million Dollar donation to support the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. That donation included funding for legal fees for Arbery and Taylor's families, and also to black owned Businesses in crisis in his state of Chicago and other cities. He also established a 529 plan education plan to fully cover college tuition for 6-year-old daughter of George Floyd, Gianna Floyd. But, as many can say,

that was before Candace Owens and her half-truths of speaking. Now, we try our best to remain non bias and just present facts, so we won't speak on Candace Ownes nor if she has any influence in this. Yet, now, in a turn of events, representatives of George Floyd's family are in the process of a $250 million defamation lawsuit. Lawyers representing Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd, have drafted a cease-and-desist letter to Kanye. Or just Ye, as he has changed his name to. He has also caught heat from the Jewish community for comments on the "Drink Champs". and yes, you guessed it, even had Nore apologizing for the 'Drink Champs" podcast interview featuring Ye. Only thing remains to be seen from all of this is, what's next?? Maybe another thing remains too...what is the end game for Kanye??

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