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Mass shooting at a Fund Raiser, after over 16 years of operation.

Written by Thawed

On Saturday Night, March 20th, 2022, Dumas, Arkansas' Hood Nic was turned into a tragic situation. One confirmed death and kids shot, as a One Year old was among them. Authorities in Dumas say one person has died and atleast 24 others were wounded. What was meant to be a celebration brung to the local area, to help raise funds, which provide scholarships, school supplies, and more, turned into a deadly situation for many who attended the event. "Hood-nic's" website states, "Empowering the Youth of Dumas since 2004." On their website, it lists where they can apply for scholarships, Vendor Application, Car show entry forms and more, with "Delta N.E.Y.O.", "The Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization." With a mission to empower youth and their families in poverty stricken areas, by encouraging them to stay active in their schools, communities, and homes.

Of course, at this moment that is not what the media and more is focused on. It's whoever came with different intentions and in the end, caused bodily harm to many in the area. Gov. Asa Hutchinson stated on twitter that there were two suspects and as we all know, it only takes a few to ruin something aimed at helping the community and most importantly, the youth.

In most cases, to do something to draw people in, you'll create a name like "Hood-Nic' which shootings as of this nature create negative connotations for the "Neighbor'HOOD". Yet, when tempers flare, as well as many more underlying themes, an event like the "Hood-Nic" becomes a boiling pot, that has the potential to spill over. We pray for the victims and the Many Kids injured and wish well for the one year old that was shot and injured.

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