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Shooting at a Private event ends up tragic taking the life of Takeoff

What was a private event, ends up in the public's eye, as talented Artist, Takeoff, of the Award-winning Group, Migos, has reportedly been shot and killed a few hours ago. It is devastating news for so many and not just Migos fans. Takeoff, who turned 28 in June, was at a bowling alley with another member of Migos, Quavo, when the tragic event occurred. There are many outlets, around the world, reacting to the news of another Artist dying young, in a senseless act of violence. Hopefully, even as the world reacts, that many will respect Takeoff's family and mourning, as not only did the Hip Hop Community lose a talented artist, but his Family also lost a Son, Father, Uncle, Cousin. Takeoff and Migo Member Offset are also cousins. Quavo is Takeoff's Uncle.

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