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Goin' on 3 years since his death

Presence, Personality, and the talent to match. That basically sums up a 28 year old Artist and describes a risin' star that was just beginning to piece it all together. November 11 th 2020, was the day that many of Us realized that all the potential that one artist had was not going to materalize. It was the day that M03 lost his life tragically in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. It was a day, that many of us can remember what we were doing or how the news hit us that follow Music and Hip Hop. A feeling of, "yea right!" That turned into, "..are you f'n serious!!"

Whether you listened to Mo3 on Youtube, Instagram, facebook or any other site, it should have been atleast one thing you noticed and it was NATURAL talent!! Whether it was singing, rapping or painting a story line and engaging his fans Live!! Charisma that went beyond just music. He was destined, to become anything he put his mind to. He had just starred in a Movie called "Tripple D Revenge", directed by Mister E. Mo3 was starting to just touch the surface, in another avenue, that his talent was beginning to take him. Movies!! Of course, more of the mainstream started to take notice with the song "Outside-Better Days" by OG Bobby Billions and Mo3. With well over 162 Million views on Youtube alone, it hit just that much more years later. It was dropped on Youtube on March 19 2021, after Mo3's death but it was the ONE!! The One that was going to let listeners know far and wide, that Mo3 was serious!! Harmony to multiple variations of using his voice, Mo3 couldn't miss.

Now, its touching on 3 years since his death and M03 has only grown in time!! The Artist!! We missed, besides the one Movie he was in, Mo3 the Actor. Who knows what else he had within him. As many may only see his street persona and at times, reckless abandonment as well as ruthless ways for anyone that he felt disrespected him in those streets of Dallas but many of Us could see, the many layers of potential and talent that was disrupted on November 11th 2020.

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